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Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software by Cypherix Encryption Software- Software Download

License / Price:
Freeware / Free $
Category :
Utilities / Security
Requirements :
Publisher / Limitations:
Cypherix Encryption Software / none
Size / Last Updated:
2350K / 2007-10-25
TAG: software, encryption, cryptainer, files, vault, creates, encrypted, ,
encryption software, free encryption, free encryption software, dropping them into, software download cryptainer, encryption software software, cypherix encryption software, software software download,
Operating System:
Win95,  98,  ME,  2000,  XP
Publisher's description - Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software by Cypherix Encryption Software- Software Download
12 Ratings  
   Cryptainer LE encryption software is a free 128 bit file and disk encryption software. It a simple, easy to use software that creates encrypted "vaults". One can store any kind of data in them It creates a 128 bit "vault" that encrypts all files by simply dragging and dropping them into this vault. Additionally it lets you create secure e-mail files that you can send to anyone. Cryptainer LE Free encryption software encrypts all files by simply dragging and dropping them into the vault. Cryptainer LE ensures absolute complete security for your data making sure that only you and nobody else can access your data. Cryptainer LE creates an encrypted volume that can be accessed only with your password. Once mounted, the volume behaves as a standard windows drive. and the files can be read, changed, as well as moved from one place to another. Any kind of file - from word and excel documents to movies and pictures, can be encrypted. You can also send secure email attachments. It runs on any 32 bit versions of Windows (95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003 Server). Works on all Media including removable (USB Drives, etc). The best part - this package is totally free to use. A must have for every desktop.

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