September 28, 2022, 8:45 pm
... iPhone 13 users let see our umbrella Android sorry for not having

Umbrella Samsung S10 plus, who dey deceive who

okay I just bought a new phone

na the only umbrella wey Dey my phone be this o

We actually do have it

Abeg when I go get this iPhone

What makes you feel android don`t have it?

Na person open house of 500mil , una dey here dey drag umbrella wey no fit cover una mkpchewwww...

Do this let`s see bro Android phone

You sef shock

What do you even mean

Samsung users forget about iphone

Mtchew...Android umbrella get Ocean sef. This one dey here dey make noise

Proudly iPhone 4

Lol i get am but i no dey use 13

rest! Samsung has it and its an android

I didn`t even realise I was using iphone 13 all this while oo

Umbrella na my own be this

Ok o, na money i no get, i no kill person .

yes I did it with my android

who said android can`t relate

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