8 Tools for Dyslexics at Work

September 20, 2022, 6:20 pm
8 Tools for Dyslexics at Work
8 Tools for Dyslexics at Work :

I love this! Productivity isnt just for neurotypicals. It is so important to find what works for your brain.

Such an informative tweet Heather You doing great

This is a good one for some cases, but as iOS 16 went out this has changed quite a lot. Now Apple allows everyone to download voices of similar quality for free so it is hard to justify 140$/year price. Especially that apps like Speech Central have significantly more features.

If you found this information useful, follow for more content on neurodiversity and self-help. My DMs are open for anyone who needs direct support in relation to this thread. Thank you for reading.

Recap 8 Tools for Dyslexics at Work: dictate2us Voice-to-text Storyboard That - Business Tools Claro Software Leo - Recorder & Transcription (iOS) Livescribe Smartpen Scanmarker Air Pen Speechify Text-to-Speech read&write Software

read&write Software Neurodiverse workplace software designed for businesses & individuals. Features include: Scanner Highlighter Voice Notes Audio Maker Text-to-Speech Word Prediction Screen Masking Grammar & spellchecker Speechify Text-to-speech device available as a browser extension and app. Features: Customizable voices Adjustable playback speeds Syncs recording across devices Reads text from photos or screenshots Scanmarker Air Pen Digital highlighter scans text and transcribes to audio recording. Features: Translate recording to 40+ languages Reads scanned material out loud while scanning Recognizes barcodes from UPC and EAN codes Livescribe Smartpen transcribes handwritten notes into digital text. Features: Share notes through email, cloud-sharing, or Zoom All-in-one device to record or scan notes Handwrite notes using smartpen Syncs across your devices Leo - Recorder & Transcription (iOS) App transcribes voice to text, designed for dyslexics. (for Apple iOS devices) Recording iCloud storage Organize recordings on a calendar Built-in prompts that change throughout the day Claro Software Desktop & mobile assistive tools: Writing helper Text-to-speech Speaking calculator Screen color tint & overlay Screenshot, copy & paste online images or text StoryboardThat - Business Tools Use a storyboard templates or create your own: Notes Calendar Diagrams Daily planner dictate2us Record & Transcribe (iOS, Android) Transcription & translation voice-to-text service. Features: 24 hours / day Proofreading & editing Formatting customization Secure audio file transfer online portal, app, or telephone call affects 20% of adults worldwide. For 1 in 5 readers, this thread will offer actionable advice on how to handle dyslexia in the work place. For the rest, you will have a better understanding on how dyslexia affects individuals.

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