9 out of 10 Xboxes love this sale

September 16, 2021, 9:52 am
9 out of 10 Xboxes love this sale
9 out of 10 Xboxes love this sale. The 10th one was on a killstreak, so we didn`t want to interrupt. Grab some top-tier titles in the Xbox Game Studios Publisher Sale:

Sea of Thieves has a three-star review and the player base is around 20,000. People leave because of the forced PvP. I wouldn`t necessarily call it a top-tier game.

bro please terraria update please

You need to update the store as battfiled 2042 got delayed but it still says the original launch date on the store

XD my series s ain`t working either, hasn`t for a while Console turned itself off several times Been dashboards several times Games froze as they started up Idk why I bought the next Gen series s

Xbox can i PLEASE have one of my account back ive never seen it in months

hey can i have a free xbox

Put NBA 2k21 back on game pass smh

Vanguard beta codes maybe :)

Fixed your new Facebook title thingy. Youre welcome. But I already have all these and can`t buy them again

Playstation has spiderman and wolverine, get better

Or get them free to play with game pass plus more!

none of these games I play Damn it

Or just sign up to Xbox Game Pass for less.... XboxGamePass

or y`know just get gamepass lol

ps 9 year olds when they realise that no one cares about their opinions
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