"A huge THANK YOU to @PlayStation and the mastermind

July 26, 2021, 7:46 pm

"A huge THANK YOU to and the mastermind for gifting me the necessary equipment to further my research. I`m going to replay [The Last of Us] 1 and 2 in the mode where if you get whacked you have to go back to the start." Gabriel Luna via Instagram.

That sounds like a good idea actually

I which I could play video games for research purposes

Permadeath Mode on TLoU??? RE-Play? Lmao Dude you never played The Last of Us 1 or you would never audition for the role of Tommy. Smh

Permadeath? Mad lad Pedro: Gabriel were shooting again you need to come now Gabriel: I cant yet, I havent finished the scene so I dont know what happens!!! *A distracted Gabriel falls to his death in the game, screaming as his save file resets*

gave him an early access of Tommy DLC so he could study his character more. I love all the cast members, but he`s my favourite now.

Man had to get cast in a Sony video game TV show to be able to get the elusive PS5 Such is the situation

Hes such a fan boy, I adore him! And the belt buckle! What a Texan king!

i love his fan energy so much

Im glad hes being genuine with this role and taking it seriously.

is a megachad confirmed!

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