After 3 years at Google Cloud, I`m moving from

December 21, 2021, 9:07 am
After 3 years at Google Cloud, I`m moving from
After 3 years at Google Cloud, I`m moving from one dream job to another. Starting today I`m a Product Manager for Kotlin (still at Google), helping make Kotlin even more awesome. Really looking forward to this new adventure - let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Solve generics type erasure please if it`s possible on JVM

I forgot about Poe`s law and am very sorry. I offer a full and complete retraction of my previous statement and will write 100 lines before breakfast... Need non-blocking async file i/o (and ProcessBuilder) which can be used without offloading every jvm io call to when working with coroutines.

In particular I am getting hit by lack of async File IO for the meta operations: Delete, Enumerate, Create, which over the network (NFS or Fuse over objects) are no longer predictable. This would have been a solution, but got abandoned: Great Congratulations.

Buy me a Razer Blade 15 laptop.

Start clean with KMP memory model, instead of accommodating for Garbage collection.

Ternary operator please

Were still on the road to native images, right?

How many non android teams at Google use kotlin?

I`m a Teenager self-learning Cloud Computing. I Would really appreciate any of your old laptops. I can raise money to pay for the delivery Sir.

Wow!! What a great news, glad to hear. Congrats!!

Can`t... Hold... Back... Kongratulations James!

KMP in Firebase libraries, not just Android or iOS but also other platforms supported by Kotlin like Web, desktop JVM, macOS, watchOS, tvOS

Thats awesome James, sounds right up your alley indeed. Great news for as well!

Tell them about

The latter The first time I was at KotlinConf I was told "whatever you do don`t ask the language team when we`re getting the ternary operator, it winds them up no end." Completely forgetting what happens when you show an Irish man a red button... Please help to make compiler as fast as the Java counter part, I would give up all nice planned features, just to have that improvement.

And for my first contribution as PM, I`ve switched the gRPC Kotlin Android example over to Jetpack Compose: wait I thought Kotlin is a product of Jetbrain, what does the Google Kotlin team do?

WOOHOO! Congratulations!

Completely forgot about that, only thing I remembered was Android becoming Kotlin 1st

Congrats James, thats great news!

How about that! Congratulations :-)

Swiftly followed by multi-catch, pretty please?

Wooow man, you fundamentally live in another planet

Congrats, great move

Congratulations James. Exciting job with an exciting language that keeps on giving 10 years in.

I would just change var by sad

Congratulations! That`s awesome!

That`s cool. Congrats James. Enjoy the new challenge.

Incredible mister Ward! Congrats At the company where I am CTO we use heavily Kotlin on the backend... So I cannot just wait too see how you will perform at that position + I am hosting the We would happy to do something in Brussels with you. What do you think ?

Coach me, inspire me, educate me, because I bloody well need it

Kind of a bad answer around an accessibility request... You`re assuming other people haven`t used it, and that typos don`t happen. Please do better

Very cool. Already my favorite language, looking forward to see what comes next!

Congratulations, James!

Congrats James! So no more Scala?

Congrats thats exciting for the whole community.

Amazing! Congratulations, James! :)

Congrats! Kotlin is a real flex for sure

Val and var are way too similar for me (I`m visually impaired + dyslexic ) can you poke the syntax highlighting folks to make the defaults different?

Congrats James!

Best luck and congrats!

Wait, Kotlin isn`t a Google product right?

just waow, happy for you

Don`t say it... Don`t say it... Don`t say it... Don`t say it... Don`t say it... Don`t say it... Don`t say it... Don`t say it... Don`t say it... Ternary conditional operator please!

please keep supporting grpc-kotlin project. You have done wonderful job for kotlin community.

Wow. Dream job indeed. Congrats!


Congratulations, brother!

Awesome dude!

James this ia amazing. Congrats !

Fantastic! Congratulations

Congratulations! That sounds like an excellent fit. They`re lucky to have you!

Kotlin is awesome. Happy to hear that it will get even better.

Awesome move! Good Luck, James

Congrats! You can help me with any Christmas, LOLZ.

Congrats. That`s such a great news. Looking forward to see the upcoming exciting things and adventure

Congrats James! You are going to be formidable in that role.

Awesome!!! Congrats !

Congratulations! Thats awesome news for the community as well Looking forward to all the cool stuff well be hearing and seeing from your new position!

An awesome and natural move. Have fun!

Congrats, really great to have you in that role!

Congratulations best wishes

What a fantastic move. Kotlin is such a brilliant language, have fun!

Congrats, excited to see what`s coming!

Congratulations ! Note: The call for paper for a small conference you know is open ( )

Congrats, James!

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