After a new phone comes out people start talking

February 12, 2022, 12:31 pm
After a new phone comes out people start talking
After a new phone comes out people start talking smack about the iPhone. Claiming that X doesn`t matter. If you think the iPhone pales against another android flagship just say it don`t sugar coat it.

This generally goes both way. When an iPhone comes out ppl bring up geek bench and what ever this year popular iPhone feature to shit on Android. Ex. Cinematic mode vs Samsung portrait mode. Apple widget look better than Android Apple macro is better than Samsung`s

Here is the thing, your positive tweets don`t get nearly as much attention as you negative tweets and it`s for both sides. That`s why people like winter skiis keep messing my timeline while good ones are sidelined.

Ya that`s why I say certain ones. I have plenty of iPhone friends that I enjoy talking to.

I`ve found that when a new phone comes out, people say all the cool new things with the phone, and certain iPhone users butt in and say how the iPhone is better. Super toxic.

Blind cameras tests FTW

Me who choose iPhone photo. Twitter: u iSHEp get cAncEllEd Me who choose android photo. iSheep(I`m talking about you, abby): iPwone bEttEr

Literally 95% of the people wouldnt even notice the difference unless you put them side by side since apps will compress the pictures

These awfully orchestrated camera comparisons themselves bring the worst out of fanboys. The iPhone is apparently behind and those who PERFER a photo = theyre blind and/or they are sheep. I hate how camera comparisons work, the blind ones are better.

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