After decades of swearing against them I ALMOST made

January 24, 2021, 1:17 am
After decades of swearing against them I ALMOST made
After decades of swearing against them I ALMOST made the switch to iPhone. Then, I was sold on the Galaxy s21 Ultra coming out last minute and went with that. I feel confident in my choice. however, is still very upset with me.

Android for life! I read once that iphones are for people who can`t work real phones

I just got the A21..I really it..I had a Moto

I think the android/ iphone debate is even worst than politics.... *cue a picture of bernie in front of an apple store*

phew. don`t do it!! i understand how to use my android and love all things i can do. i also love my galaxy s7 iirc lol. yay for a fancy new phone

Samsung is awesome. Stand firm in your choice! (Sorry )

The 21Ultra looks like a great phone - I was very disappointed by the camera on the note 20 ultra & got an iPhone - I have found I dont like the calendar or gallery apps, at all - I miss having my photos automatically arranged in albums , and the photos display differently than

we`re getting s20`s hopefully they`ll be here by tuesday. don`t wanna have to pay another 100$ to t-mobile. we managed to find a plan w/xfin that`s like 60$

I have never liked iphone I did have one before . the battery was only discharging quickly I spend my time recharging it while I don`t use it much so I went back to Android

Why do you hurt me? iphone

I can imagine. Been with Apple since the first one and every iteration after. Your missing out bro!!! teamapple

I went from android to IPhone once. Worst decision ever. Went back to Android and it`s been 10 years since.

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