After discussions with @ruthpadel and @stevegreen39 I`ve run the

August 4, 2021, 8:59 pm
After discussions with @ruthpadel and @stevegreen39 I`ve run the
After discussions with and I`ve run the rule over the COVID apps / vaccine certification situation for those vaccinated in and Northern Ireland travelling to Quick

Lucky you! I`m with vaccinations, and I know the "system". I have been following clues for weeks to get somewhere, including your tweets! (I`d like a greenpass that could work in eventually)

It`s unrealistic to expect ASL offices at airports and borders. And there is no need, unless people are flying in to attend a concert in the airport...

You are not the only one The way I understood is that you should be able to show your UK vaccinations (NHS app/printed doc). How establishments will react to that is unclear, as it starts on Friday, and they are heavily investing on the kit to scan QR codes

No, you can`t. ASL is the local health authority (healthcare is decentralised in ). As Italian citizen I managed to get my vaccines registered by emailing the office in charge of public health.

Sorry the news on govt decision are from few hours ago, I think it will take a few days at least to implement

God.. Thank you!

No green pass is required for local transport so airport are not a problem. Form long distance trains they will find a solution, I don`t know. Tbh nobody knows even how the restaurants checks (starting this Friday) will work

No you go to the ASL (think NHS practice) when you arrive to destination. I don`t think that from September they will throw you out of the train at the border... but the details are to be seen

Yes. Which is why I am cautious as to whether it will work in practice. The logic is the same of the French pharmacies route but more centralised (which in theory is a good thing I guess)

Well both my doses were the non-Indian Astra, second one was early May. I think anyway yes the Covidshield vaccinated people will be ok

The Italian health authority

Indeed. As I understand it, the Americans dont even have a QR code, just a piece of paper from their CDC

In the digital system. From ASL a foreign-vaccinated will get a code identical to the Italians

The idea is that once the codes are registered by the Italian health authorities (ASL) the codes become valid. In theory it is simple, in practice let`s see...

No, I am referring to the green pass for events etc. This was approved today.

You could try with Immuni (the tracking app, which can be used also for covid pass). There they only require the EU Card Health Insurance Number (not sure if UK has it).

Yes I will! Not travelling there till 2 September

I wonder how Americans and others are getting on then? I heard in the ordinanza that non EU vaxed travellers will be recognised - lets see how it goes when I get there

I wouldnt book a ticket there without finding out first. Theyre letting Americans use their paper CDC certificates and once were done with quarantine should be the same

So they wont let me travel from Bologna to another city?

Italy decided today to approve non-EU credentials for the Green Pass. People will have to go to the local health authority (ASL) with their certificates and will get the pass. Not sure how it will work in practice, Io and Immuni apps are very user-unfriendly even for residents

I`ve had covidcert ni app for 3 weeks, it has yet to successfully launch even once on my phone.

Did you see the post by Catherine Colonna? Says a technical solution should be available by the weekend. Doesn`t say whether that just applies to French nationals or if the verif app is going to accept the NHS qr

As ever if you`ve found a solution here, or see things differently, do let me know. And, as ever, joining the Digital COVID Pass system would be best of all... but politics! /ends

Will - say - a restaurant let you in if they use VerificaC19 and it shows INVALID - that`s going to depend on the discretion of the restaurant or the employee...

The devil is going to be in the detail here... Will Italy let you in with a NHS proof of vaccination? The answer to that is YES, but you (for now) still have to quarantine 5 days

Meanwhile for those vaccinated in and Northern Ireland there are work-arounds to get a EU Digital COVID Pass from pharmacies in & , I can see no way to get something like that to work in as you would need a SPID or CIE number

I have scanned my German EU Digital COVID Pass with VerificaC19 and it shows as VALID - which is exactly as it should be

VerificaC19 can scan and Northern Ireland QR codes, but shows them as INVALID Likewise if you put your NHS QR code into another EU country`s app first (like TousAntiCovid for example) and scan that with VerificaC19 is *also* shows as INVALID

What about Italy`s verifier app - that`s the app a restaurant or museum will use to let you enter (or not) from 9 August That`s VerificaC19 iOS residents can prove their vaccination status using the IO app iOS But you need a SPID or CIE number to use it, and non-residents do not have that...
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