After using Samsung devices for the past two week,

September 18, 2021, 1:44 am
After using Samsung devices for the past two week,
After using Samsung devices for the past two week, I know most will disagree but I can`t stand Samsung cameras, im processing is so hit or miss.

Ive been selling phones for 7 years. You are 100% correct. Nothing will change bcuz "mOre MeGaPiXeLs" always fixes the solution. The S20 ultra made me give up on them. How TF that camera made it to market shows they don`t care & nevrr will. They sell to many other things to care

Honestly, it doesn`t matter what camera that you use whether it`s a smartphone or a DSLR, you will get the best results using manual mode period. This is so critically important with smartphones because they are limited so much with their small camera sensor size.

Where you will see noticeable differences between all of the flagships in under low lighting and dark conditions. That`s where the post processing differences really stand out. Honestly, it`s all about a personal preference.

I don`t know about all of that. You can take a photo of the same subject under ideal lighting conditions with a flagship Samsung, Pixel, LG, IPhone, and Huawei in Auto Mode. You won`t see very much differences between all of these phones other than the color tones and saturation

I just leave scene optimiser off and works fine in general.

Their photo processing is an acquired taste to say the least.

Most camera test videos I see put the S21 Ultra over the 12 series. Not everyone is Pixel peeping. Samsungs takes more appealing looking pics rather than natural looking ones.

The truth will set us free

If we were to be honest. Most people that say that are content creators that full time with the iPhone and only use the phone and camera long enough in controlled environments to publish a video. It`s one of the bigger issues in the tech community right now.

Ever since using the pixel I can stand any other phones camera maybe with the exception of the iPhones because of the sharpening and colours

It`s crazy because this has been a Samsung issue for so long and people think I lie about when I bring it up

In my tests S21 u beat the i12pm every time, but I don`t have shaky hands...

Comparing to what?

Couldn`t agree more!!!! For people of color, Samsung post processing is atrocious, it makes you look washed out and over sharpened. And the shutter speed and fluidity of the camera is so inconsistent, I hope they revamp the whole app with the s22

Samsung cameras look nice on Samsung displays. I feel like once I take it over to another display it starts to look a little funky.

I 100% agree. I thought I was the only one. The Samsung post-processing looks good in ideal scenarios, but when there is any "not ideal" skin tone or light, post-processing kills the entire image. Hot-take, I would take Pixel 5 or iPhone 13 (not Pro) for image and vid over S21

I actually agree here spoilt by Pixel series Camera I bought my Note 20 for its note functions and not it`s cam functions

I agree apple photos and processing are fast and easy

You know my stance

I absolutely HATE the shutter lag. Someone with young kids, its damn near impossible to get a good pic of them.

100% agree. I love my Samsung but the camera let me down, which is the whole reason I got this phone.

I have a Samsung phone. When the it`s got the right conditions, it`s great. However it often takes blurry photos as well as seems to take forever to actually take a photo if it`s moving to much. Though there are times were I have no issues! It`s very hit and miss

Slow shutter speed. So many blurry kid pics

It`s not even the post processing man it`s that damn shutter lag.

I prefer Sammy`s selfie cameras over the iPhone selfie camera. But that`s just me. I have yet to try out a Pixel device.

Use Google photos for post processing

Between processing and shutter speed it`s rough. Especially with pets or kids.

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