-Agree? Or Disagree? -Apple is loosing potential customers because

December 22, 2021, 6:29 am
-Agree? Or Disagree? -Apple is loosing potential customers because
-Agree? Or Disagree? -Apple is loosing potential customers because they havent released a Foldable? Explain??

True, but Samsung flagships also like my s20+ is too over saturated. It should be natural by default.

Exactly! Not a wall with yellow!

Thankfully you can change the default color temperature in camera settings in the settings app to be whatever color temperature is your preference by default. Disagree my mom is an iphone user but she didn`t know foldables exist until I brought her to the Samsung store and her face was incredibly funny but if she didn`t know then probably whoever using an iphone might not even know foldables unless if they are an techie

Lmao disagree! Nobody is clamoring for foldables. People want better cameras, thinner bezels, lighter phones, longer battery life, etc long before a foldable iPhone. Heck I bet more people would prefer no notch over a foldable iPhone. Absolutely disagree.

They havent really lost a ton of foldable customers since probably most of those foldable customers were probably already from the android side (mainly samsung customers).

I would say currently they`ve lost very little customers but as time passes and the demand for foldables grows they will loose alot of customers

Apple is losing customers because they are junk.

Disagree. A lot of Apple users dont even know that foldables are getting released but other companies bc theyre so entrenched in Apple

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