-Agree or Disagree?? Explain: https://t

November 13, 2021, 9:19 pm
-Agree or Disagree?? Explain: https://t
-Agree or Disagree?? Explain:

its also amazing when it comes to emulation no emulators are not available on the appstore but you can get them after jailbreaking which idid at some point and not gone lie they ran so smoothly it was amazing lol

yes every thing works seamlessly never had proplems my iPad never betrayed me keep in mind my ipad is 4-5 years old lol

As an iPhone user and a tech savy, Apple products would be perfect for a not so tech savy user due to their easy UI, but the pricing doesnt help at all. (Im saving up to buy an Android phone for now)

Its subjective to the user.

I disagree, iPhones have higher price than android phones out there But it really comes down to personal preferences. Some might like android better and some might like iOS better. We shouldn`t choose for people,they should choose for themselves

Cant agree as I dont know what an average user is anymore. Most just stick with what they have unless it pisses them off. For for example, that continues to be iOS as the superior OS, and with that I agree also.

Android can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. People with Android that wants it easy it`s easy for them, they just download the apps they want and open, use them and close them. Nothing hard about that and that`s an average user.

Its just subjective even to those that are average. Some "average consumers" hate not being able to move things due to what they like. Others just like iOS functinality for how they can speak with others. My dad just could not get unto iOS but when I got him a pixel he loved it.

Agree, its very reliable and straight forward but at the same time when you dig deep and use shortcuts etc its a very robust OS

Disagree, its a better OS overall and not just for average users

Agree. iOS provides less options to do something and hence less ways to do something, hence its simpler. In other way words, iOS makes more decisions for you than Android.

The average consumer just wants a phone that feels nice and simple to use, and they couldnt be bothered to fuss with anything, except buy apps or subscribe to services. iPhone does that the best.

So I guess a pro user likes Android better than iOS? Lol Yes. Explain.

As someone who daily drives an Android phone and an iPad I agree. IOS has tight software design and overall is more enjoyable to use.

I`m going to have to agree.

depends which part of the world you live in.

Hard disagree. My wife and parents are all regular users and have no issues with Android. My wife won`t even touch iOS even after I recommended she try it.

agree iOS is super simple and easy to used get to, its straight forward and does everything it needs to do. and it stays speedy all along.

disagree, not only do iphones have a higher starting price if you want a brand new phone, but also android can offer more features and perfectly acceptable performance and usability at a lower price

Definitely disagree and the person who wrote that is a fully Apple guys.

I think it`s quite the opposite. I`ve helped a ton of Android folks switch to iOS and they always have a hard time figuring out how to do things which are just simple on Android. Most of the people saying this usually grew up with iOS and became used to it quirks

Haha cuz no one wants you to have friends???

Disagree, the average consumer buys cheap Android phones mainly from Samsung or the Chinese. Which explains the marketshare numbers which makes them facts. In my experience iOS plays nice untill users forget their pascode or Apple ID so again disagree.

The fact apple needs "geniuses" to help the masses understand the 1 button phone, should give you understanding of the level of petite intelligence/logic in those of the iOS community. Android community never needed a hand holder.

Key word for me is average so I agree

Yes, but no I prefer iOS for many reasons, but these reasons do not always matter to other people, in addition I know several people that if I recommended an iPhone, they would not use half its potential, and would pay more for almost nothing

Disagree. Massive.

Cuz mike cant be trusted, for anything other than to be hilarious.

I guess iOS was designed to be simplistic so that even an ant can use it but you see people using Android all the time without problem sooo

Disagree! When Android gives you the freedom to customize as you want what else does anyone want

Literally no data to support this

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