Agree or Disagree? Explain?? https://t

October 12, 2022, 5:03 am
Agree or Disagree? Explain?? https://t
Agree or Disagree? Explain??

I dont agree nor disagree. I dont like the way some apps are implemented on Android (specially having an explosion of permission pop ups), but using a launcher is way funnier than this stupid fixed homescreen grid we have on iOS.

Its a weird one. Id agree as someone who was on android and switched over to iPhone a few years ago. However its definitely an opinion, some people may find the pixels or Samsungs more satisfying to use because they might have features you use everyday that arent on iOS

Absolutely, hes right. But it depends what phone you use cause if you use Xiaomi, then yeah iPhone will be faster and better to use

The Android market is too spread out. You have companies like Samsung, Google, and Nord being some big pushers while everyone else tries to put their own spin on things. As well as the many many different versions of tge same app to match the same experience.

Disagree, I`ve had both. I feel that the android makes more sense with where everything is, like pulling down the menu from the top. Meanwhile on an iPhone I make a slight swipe and suddenly I`m on the News or my friends moms cousins messages

It really depends on the use case and on the brand. Some android phones are great to use, and some are so buggy because they have poor software support. Also, for apple users who are deeply inclined into the apple ecosystem will have hard time to switch to android.

Disagree cause with android you can make the phone like you. Make it sound and look the way you want Iphone is good for someone who wants the basics and a good camera

Honestly both platforms are mature, iOs and Android are not coming up and trying to gain traction. They do not have BBos or Sibian to take their users away, they already killed windows mobile and everything else. So they are just working on fine tuning themselves.

I mean he did only say "not satisfying" but not "not fun".

For every iOS user. I`ve used iOS and it`s very polished. But stock Android MIUI Color OS etc are all extremely smooth. No dropped frames no glitches just a great experience and I`ve never once said "damn I wish I had an iPhone". I live in EU tho so the OS you use isn`t an issue

This is bs, everything is preference, and the phone is a tool, not a toy.

Everyone has their opinion and choice. no need to agree or disagree. I will enjoy the phone I have just like he is enjoying the phone he has.

Don`t know never used iOS before...

Everyone is entitled to how they feel

Disagree. It`s so satisfying when you get to put 500 phone app shortcuts across 27 screens because you`re bored

It really depends on the UI. I could see where he`s coming from when I`m in one UI, but some defeat iOS. Like for instance, I can assure everyone that One UI >>>>>> iOS in every aspect but animations. Apple kills that. But One UI is amazing in terms of features and tools.

Sounds like a purely bias opinion..

Agree. But I think only the pixel is comparable to ios

Tbh anyone saying android is crap n less features. Is wrong. IPhones have less features. And less, enjoyment.. Doesn`t mean there bad. But android has alot more in it. And potential. Otherwise apple wouldn`t tweek stuff android has, for years. And then apple gets it.

Yes and No. Some apps runs alot smoother on iOS vs its android version. And the 120hz+ on android imo doesnt rly matter because u can feel the lag sometimes :P

Disagree the fear of leaving apple is real for some

Simple. He definition of satisfaction might be entirely different. Apple`s PR team is doing a good job.

Yup. It`s pretty cool.

By the way, there`s an app called Dynamic Spot that operates exactly like the Dynamic island that is available from the Play Store

Its a subjective topic.

So we suppose to care what a troll thinks?

Yup. Everyday I enjoy life on the dynamic island.

I agree that this dude is a very successful Apple troll lol. My question is, does he see himself remaining an Apple troll when hes 80 years old or is this just a youth thing for him?

I have both a Samsung S22 Ultra and an iPhone 14 Pro.... I end up carrying the iPhone more due to family using iMessage, but I love the S pen on my S22U. I find I like both equally for different reasons

Had to look up who he is, but I can respectfully disagree with him after using iOS recently.

iPhone lovers ever heard of customization , Call Recording ?

Nothing againts you, you cool, but why are you using his tweet And I disagree, the experience on iPhone doesnt match OneUIs features and its experience (not in terms of animations)

Bro is called iUpdate u expect a non biased tweet from him? Why tf u even post this

Opposite experience going from iPhone to Android. iPhone had a UI for my grandma

Better switch to pixel phones?!. Oo you guys still praise apple... As far as I know it`s innovation were died in 2011.

Well different people have different experiences. For me that statement doesnt make any sense. But maybe while using he might have liked iPhones more. Nothing bad about it

He has zero credibility on anything he says about android. So, let`s not waste our time talking about something that doesn`t even hold any argument in the first place

Suprised to see this !

Sounds like a satire or troll post

Disagree, I am more of an iPhone fan boy. ( my main line is on iPhone) I do like the pixel phones a lot more than Samsung. I would say if you are less technical you should go with iPhone. If you like to play Android is easier to hack away at. Its like Chevy and Ford.

Okay then let him use an iphone. What`s the issue here?

Who this idoit is

He is lying, try the samsung s22 ultra or the xiaomi 12 ultra and tell the truth... is a liar q just wants to create polemic, I do not think he has tried a top of the range android

Well isnt he an i?

I guess that`s his opinion, everyone is entitled to have theirs!

He says that as of iPhones were satisfying to use. Pixel, Galaxy & even Xiaomi phones are more fun to use than iPhones

Which androids have they used? For how long? Sometimes people`s opinions lack any credibility.

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