Android probably the only most popular Linux distro on

July 10, 2021, 5:54 am
Android probably the only most popular Linux distro on
Android probably the only most popular Linux distro on Earth, and iOS is the most popular Unix out there. Sadly most don`t even understand that apart from my esteem followers.

Whole heartedly disagree. Android is a freaking java container. It runs the linux kernel but thats just an implementation detail. My Android 8.1 phone runs linux 3.18.71 WTF?? Same goes for iOS. Its so secure that I can`t even side load apps. Unix was all about freedom

I read somewhere that minix is embedded in all Intel chips, and is therefore, more popular than Linux. Can someone corroborate?

Is unix and bsd same? Actually iOS BSD based Which is unix like behaves like unix but not them

Eeyupp! People who claim "Linux is a nieche OS" either dismiss the fact that Android is a Busybox Linux or refuse to acknowledge that thicc desktops in general and Windows in specific is on their way out.

Dont forget about ChromeOS

Why isnt there an open source Linux like App Store/G Play Store on android?

Linux as desktop computer operating system has failed. Now, not even performance benefit. Only free is special.

What about embedded/IoT? Can imagine there`s far more than phones.

It is also the biggest java project...

Both are Unix, IOS BSD, Android/Linux SysV... Linux is just the kernel, the tooling around it make the rest.

Ubuntu Server must be up there too

Isn`t IOS based on BSD?

Android for l1fe!!!!!!1!1!1

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