AnTuTu for Android and iOS are incomparable in terms

November 14, 2021, 8:06 pm
AnTuTu for Android and iOS are incomparable in terms
AnTuTu for Android and iOS are incomparable in terms of scores. There are a lot of aspects in determining which phone has a better performance, even though benchmark is one of them. AnTuTu themselves already made it clear. Read here:

So its useless Geekbench and regular gaming tests are just better lol

Indeed. Antutu is not cross platform. Everyone knows it, don`t know why they still compares android & ios on it.

Ios iphone Antutu benchmark equal 1.5X the android Antutu benchmark 1.5X at least( this is absolutely truly ultimate truth)

I always used to say this that how we can`t compare it because of obvious differences between how android is made and how ios is made.. people fought me in twitter for this countless time, i just laughed at them poor fellas.

What I`m curious about is why are we okay comparing them in other Benchmarks then tho? How are we saying that Antutu`s Cpu score is wrong but Geekbench is right?

Benchmark comparison between iOS and Android is bullshit

Aside from raw power, there are things like: Heat management Sustained performance Power management/efficiency The harmony between hardware and software (a.k.a. optimisation) and more...

Yes, I do think benchmark scores are relevant. But, they are not the only things that can determine or conclude if a phone has a better performance and fluidity when compared to its competitors.

The keywords are: Kernel Development Language API Test Method

yep, but Antutu should calibrate it so it is directly comparable - i mean what`s the point of benchmark if you can only compare it to the previous generations ?

yes lmao
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