Any iPhone fans well versed in cyber security and

September 10, 2021, 6:48 am
Any iPhone fans well versed in cyber security and
Any iPhone fans well versed in cyber security and concerned about Apples recent anti-privacy moves? If youre switching, what are you switching to?

i swtiched back and forth between iPhone and Samsung since day 1 i used Samsung Note first, then Samsung "Galaxy S Plus" if you want a new phone get Galaxy Plus or Ultra depending on whether you want a flat screen ( Plus ) or curved at the edges ( Ultra )

I thought the hashing happens in i cloud. This was a balanced take: Listen to this, it seems graphene was popular for a while but now everyone has made the switch to calyxOS on a pixel 3, 4, and now 5, and its completely degoogled but they have added this great small privacy trade off middle man feature meaning all your fav apps still work. Didn`t I just watch an Apple commercial where a guy strolls through a bunch of businesses with prying eyes. The punchline was "mind your own business"?

Google pixel and Has anyone checked out Freedom Phone?

Ive also considered using iPhone without any iCloud connection. Anyone thought through this?

In got you bro I heard they put that technology on hold for now. Thank you Calyx or graphene flashed on select android devices

I`m heading back to using a Nokia candybar phone.

I dont know if Ill switch or not, but I picked up a refurb Pixel 4a and have GrapheneOS installed on it and am experimenting finding apps, services, etc. to see how feasible the switch would be.

Guide on ubuntu. Follow Graphene`s updated instructions. Very similar alternatively the people can do it for you (NitroPhone)

Yes, switching to Most important thing is to get set up on the Aurora store to download your old apps It`s easy to get frustrated if you try to go straight to the open source apps that come standard

another option similar to graphene or calyx

or on a Pixel 5

I always stuck to iPhones in the past because I`d rather absolutely apple had my data than Google. and change this.

Chris, marketing might be a little cringe, but this one is an alternative. I`ve been following this project and one day, I`ll to switch to it. It`s Android but decoupled from Google
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