Anyone concerned about the S22 standard battery life, don`t

February 13, 2022, 7:17 pm
Anyone concerned about the S22 standard battery life, don`t
Anyone concerned about the S22 standard battery life, don`t be. After 5 hours of SOT, it still had over 20% left while the Z flip, the S21 and the iPhone pro died.

We should probably wait for battery tests from trusted sources

How`s this possible tho the iPhone 13 pro defeated the S21 and S21+ but in this video it seems to be losing to them as well

I actually might get this phone if battery life is this impressive

I bet it is. I went from the g4, g5, g6 and then the lgv50 cause im a LG fan but seeing phones go up to $1000 turned me off completely and then seeing lg leave the smart phone game was shocking

Coming from a LG v50

My favorite, graphite I used to geek out over upcoming phones and now that I pre ordered the s22 I just can`t wait!

Even half baked, but miles ahead of an iPhone. Lets not even debate about what features Samsung has compared to ios.

it was so strange he mentioned about in iPhone 13 video test too, I guess samsung has a battery solution this time that`s best yet

I remember iPhone 12pro performed better than iPhone 12 Pro max in mrwhosetheboss tests,

Find it hard to believe that the iPhone 13 pro performed so badly, really do

So chill

Can you link me this video please?

Why not the pro max, we need more tests to judge

Why not the 13 pro max tho?

I have real life experience lol. I use both S21 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max, standby drain is almost not noticeable but on my S21 ultra after 5 hours I see battery drained 10-12% Now if S22 Ultra score 1.5x of that of S21, that will give me hope, otherwise it just same story...

It is snapdragon though. Hope it will be the same for exynos. Also the weak point of Samsung exynos is the modem, stand by in real world usage could be very different unfortunately..

Pretty weird test considering he put all the phones on max brightness despite them all have suddenly max brightness levels and I bet the 13 Pro has a degraded battery health since the 13 pro battery is leagues above the S21 and Z flip 3 in everyone elses tests on the internet

Wheres the champ iPhone 13 Pro Max? Also these tests are useless because standby on drain on Android is too high. On iPhones standby drain is so little it is not even noticeable

looks like the worries with the small S22 should be okay in terms of battery.

If anything hes making me want to switch back to Samsung

They fall in for the conformity factor, more than tech..

I might buy the plus version and I was hoping it`s battery life to be better than 21+ and seems like it`s even better than Ultra. And the camera seems on par with the 22 Ultra. It`s a no brainer. I got fed up with the curves so that`s why Ultra was a no go.

Better chips and better displays. They sure help a lot.

Assuming once after the major update drops, it`s gonna be even more optmized.

@Sharon_Bava Show*

Nothing will change their minds..

The ISP is a lot more efficient, I didn`t see reach 40, for example s21 ultra snapdragon reaches massive 52. This isn`t real world tho it`s mostly camera. Browsing/video playback should be better example.

Wow the s22 devices are killing it. Who won in the end? Where they set at 120hz?

Can you pls share the link?

Also, he used one of the most stressful test consistently for a phone, the camera app on multiple of occasions.

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