Anyone learning Java? Say Hi

July 25, 2021, 6:33 pm
Anyone learning Java? Say Hi
Anyone learning Java? Say Hi .

There are like 3 ways to join a string, or do iterate through an array, but Java requires 5 lines of code and 3 imports to reverse an array

I use to program in Java, and I used to teach Java, Java servlets and JSP web development,

Hi Yash I use Java for science Fair projects. Java Swing for developing games and hackathon projects, and Java Android for Android apps. I don`t want to abandon Java but there are definitely a lot of annoying things about it, like the amount of duplicate methods they have.

also check this out.......... if you have issue with installing JDK............or you are beginner.........then may watch this one Hello. I am studying Java. I do know some though. I worked in Java for about a year. But there is still plenty to learn. I`ve been doing Codewars exercises.

Im a Kotlin learner! Ive used Java and like it too.

I was learning Java. But I decided instead to continue with Typescript.

I use Java all round for Android and for the Web. Learnt it a year ago and I love it

System.out.print(" Hi ");

I am in love with java and I use generally use that

Ive used Java for years, its not bad for the basics of OO, very large set of APIs. The functional side and Generics are a bit crusfy if were being honest. I still use it for 70% of what I do, but look at C, Dart and Kotlin as well.

Documentation+Youtube+Articles++Hackerank What about you?

Which version of Java you studied? Java is releasing new version every 6 months now with minor to major additions. E.g, it added var keyword for local variables, it added Record in few releases back which may obsolete Enums. I can go on and on and on

I learnt it when JDK1.2 was there back in 2003. I used it professionally for 10 years from 2006 to 2016. In 2016, for some reason I shifted to JS, basically React and React Native. Java is definitely a robust language. You ll enjoy Lambda and Streams API.

Can other JVM people say hi too

Hi there, I too am learning Java

I want to learn Java but seems pretty hard lol

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