Apple has released iOS 16

September 22, 2022, 10:29 pm
Apple has released iOS 16
Apple has released iOS 16.0.2 with a fix for the camera shake bug. Other bugs related to copy/paste, black screen, VoiceOver and touch input also squashed.

Copy and paste bug still exists iOS 16 battery drain bug fix?

does the screen flickering issue fixed??

Is there any fix for battery life mentioned? If no then we are definitely waiting till 16.1 which will be many weeks away :(.

I still hear a low sound when i put my phone in to the ear using Apple official camera app and third party apps (I have upgraded)

Good thing about Apple is they can get updates out fast to all users. Where as on Android we would be stuck waiting for the carrier to push it out as well.

I hope it fixes my duplicate health favorites bug ios 16 introduced. not holding breath though.

Every time I try to log a medication the health app quits so hopefully that big is fixed!

They didn`t fix my clipboard! It doesn`t trust me with my own "abc123"! Soo they didnt fix the part where my keyboard types whatever it wants?

How about give us the option to lower the brightness on the always on display

UPDATE: Instagram camera still seems to have issues, but I`m guessing now a fault with Instagram direct. As snapchat seems ok and normal camera app

So none of these aplly to me on the 12 pro right lol?

Updating now, thank god! And no long term damage with the shaking thankfully

do you know about the iOS 16 bug preventing video and audio apps from recognising external mics? Massive problem at the BBC and other broadcasters.

battery fix ????

I wonder if they fixed the photo download bug. Cant download photos through a cable so right now we are air dropping.

I hope it does something to the atrocious 14 PM battery

please step down

How can they skip a number

Is this most of the bugs or should people still hold off on updating from 15.7?

Does it affect any discrepancy if I update my current 12 pro and in next days get 14 Pro? I could not remember.

Something that couldve been brought to my attention yesterday! black out screen bug got me after restore. Luckily doing an erase and restore again worked.

Not yet for me. iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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