Apple has this morning, yet again, alerted me of

April 25, 2022, 9:42 am
Apple has this morning, yet again, alerted me of
Apple has this morning, yet again, alerted me of state-sponsored attackers trying to get remote access to my gadgets. The email adds that they believe "new or continued targeting is occurring" on my handset and laptop. Sigh!

Now imagine you werent using Apple! Android would have already compromised you

I think Ray is I er estimating he`s relevance ,you don`t have that many secrets to interest the state in you otherwise the same state can slide into every part of your life with the same ease guys chew the wandegs Rolex,no one wants you

Don`t forget the talks on the coffee deals

Do not use SMS 2FA. Get a physical key like or titan security bundle

I thought that you were one of them?

Fore warned.... Keep out an eye !

Your "apple" is unique if it can tell you that state sponsored attackers are trying to hack your gadgets. There`s a new trending word "okwetega." Tetukulinako buzibu wetege but this word should be avoided by flops because they end up dying in their own movie.

Kwonka Mujuni, how does Apple know the state actors & non state actors? So you think the state doesn`t know what you do?

Youre either with them or they come for you

Get a Samsung, if they hack u, u won`t know about it, so it want matter!

Some people are angry because it`s Raymond being targeted not them

The state has also seen days.

Maybe because you`re still on the fence regarding the project. Ebibyo bibuzabuza.

Did they mention which state?

Because you`re not canary

Why is it that it`s always your gadgets !!!!?? If time comes to cramp them for real you will not have the energies to post such. Kkakana.

So you think they want access your nudes?

How did apple come to a conclusion that the hackers were state sponsored??

They can spy you, but they can`t go for murders who kill people. Kagezi, Abiriga, Kaweesi, Kirumira and others. Wabula lino egwanga Olemwa!

Hand in your gadgets to police

1. Get a paid VPN have it on full time 2. Don`t use public networks/WiFi not even at work 3. Use the Mac Email app to preview links before opening them in the browser 4. Don`t download or click on download links. They could be phishing attempts 5. Enable 2FA on all your emails

The current state of the attackers on reading the tweeting Preparing you to work as CIA spy agent!! Prepare fr the assignments. Enjoy the fattening.

Ugandans we have a problem. We tend to think that the things we don`t know actually don`t exist.

You guy So you have something on your gadgets that implicates the state????

Can the state hack its own "Nra grand child". A great admirer of its great friend kagame. Hahaha

Your writing prowess and a unique perspective on social, political and economic issues, I think are a threat to them.

So apple has already investigated and confirmed that indeed they are state sponsored? Beitu Imwe!!

Nange android has alerted me, the State is continuously spying on me

The government I know would come to your house and pick those gadgets ..

Mmmmmh! Mr. Raymond I think it`s the right moment to get a good dog too. Coz They are failing with this tactic now they are about to resort to physical stupidity. Cloud everything bro even if it`s a full stop.

Mutusasire namwekati gwe state ekwagaza kii? Are you seeking for asylum? These days, Britain sends you to Rwanda nabo babakoye.

How did apple know that it was not husbands of the other ladies u cheat with but statesponsored, secondly do u think the state doesn`t know where u a to come for u if they want. If u a not doing anything fishy why are u worried?

"State sponsored"- I stopped reading at that point.. this level of self importance is for world cup.. what do u really have??

I think if the state wanted you it will cost them less than 100k to get you do they really need to get through your phone

Ebishuuba, post screen shots of Apple`s messages.

Everyone is their enemy

It is rather sad to learn daily of the state`s affairs, that they would concern themselves with such private dealings is not only concerning but also telling.

Believe me, if it was a pegasus thing, even apple wouldn`t know

Which State? I want to believe you but you have to tell us all these details sir. We cannot assume anything here since it looks like apple sent you everything including the location of the said attackers.

These so called fortune tellers of Uganda who believe to be the Elites of today never stop amusing me what do you have in your room for the state to have interest in you?

That jealousy after failing to use u ! Be firm

Gentleman, ensure you never click any link sent to you even if it`s from your best colleagues. Otherwise that will be the first line of hacking your devices. Never open an email from sources you don`t know nor trust. Don`t open nor download pics from sources you don`t know.

How can we help you

It is the timing for me!

You may end in a drone ride around town.

Naye mwe how would apple know who are the state sponsored attackers?

But Mujuni you think if the state wanted you it would be that hard? The self importance some of you!

You are the only remaining journalist in uganda period

Now, how do you want your followers to help? ......In other words they are searching for answers to why you are not always part of the stripping game like your two colleagues the other side....

I don`t think Apple has the capacity to determine if they are STATE sponsored.

They believe? I think they should be specific. Let`s not give too much credit to Kagutas govt. His intelligence technique is of brute, archaic planting of known spies in businesses, bodas and obvious introductions of GISOs and DISOs at parties.

They want to know exactly what you are writing.

What if its your `wife`?

This might be Sudhir Byaruhanga trying To steal facts from u

You should adopt to regular changing of gadgets.

Did the mail really state state-sponsored attackers?

Be safe man we stay with vampires

Tey fear wat they don`t know

You`re Lucky the govt is no longer using Nso pegasus spyware.. otherwise even Apple wouldn`t help.

What happens to your friends who use tecno? Wouldn`t they be picked like grass hoppers?

I hear alerts me that state sponsored, Can`t someone else launch an attack on you? Is this another way of seeking relevance or black mailing the gov`t is fashionable these days?

Can you screenshot the mai

God protect our Raymond

I think I should transform to Apple too

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