*Apple releases iPad Pro in 2015* Us: Yay! This

August 10, 2021, 7:20 am
*Apple releases iPad Pro in 2015* Us: Yay! This
*Apple releases iPad Pro in 2015* Us: Yay! This means that were going to get Logic Pro, Motion, Final Cut Pro X, and more! *Apple releases iPadOS in 2019* Us: Ah, NOW were going to get *pro* apps! *iPadOS 15 in 2021 still doesnt even have a Calculator nor Weather app*

Are you delirious

Just telling the truth. I mean they didnt do it and it hasnt hurt their business so its a pretty good take.

iPad users looking at this tweet: and the alarm still sounds like a broken record.

Well it appears you have a niche in the market place, get going no weather app stopping you iPadPro purchase? My Apple Watch has one! I will sell you an iWatchPro! What we need and I hate to say it but its a virtual iclock/iwatch for iPad and iMac! On your desk not your arm! All

This is what you and a lot of people dont understand. When you try to make one thing thats does everything, you end up with a device that does a lot of things but its not the best at doing any of them.

I dont think thats what the iPad is for. Thats what laptops are for.

Right, because nothing says PC like a calculator app. Lmao.

Just get a calculator and weather app if you need it. They cost nothing. Also, Final cut is probbly never coming to IPad. They would have to re-write everything for it it actually work properly. Just Buy a M1 Air for Final cut problem solved. Logic might make it eventually

Move to Android or Windows or whatever. I think MacOS is in decadence.

No pro/desktop apps on my iPad isnt the worst problem. It is the app optimization. There are so many apps you can only use in portrait!! That is annoying!! I want to use my iPad Pro like a Notebook. It makes no sense.

Just install pcalc and be happy apple didnt Sherlock it.

Worse, it has hundreds of calculator and weather apps that are all scams or subscriptionware/adware/IAP-ware.

Technically, one can now code their own weather and calculator apps on their iPad itself. AHA! Got you there, Apple!

Instagram on an iPad You need an iPhone to use calculator and Mac to have Final Cut Pro X. It is called ecosystem

Wth with that calculator app, just why!!?? Its a simple copy paste app code from the iPhone

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