Are iPhones & Android phones treated equally when they

October 4, 2022, 8:56 am
Are iPhones & Android phones treated equally when they
Are iPhones & Android phones treated equally when they have issues?

Yes, yes of course - bend gate, antenna gate, Xss problem with charging, 12s battery life, 13s overheating, 14s shaking of the camera and marquees is making a vid about bugs in iOS 16 as we speak

No bc most of the time they don`t have issues. But when they have issues android Fans love doing the same thing as apple fan do when an Android device has a problem

Keep this same energy when iPhones supposedly smash when they get dropped by Samsungs dont even though theirs different drops

Depends if the one who points it out is fandroid or isheep

pixels get the worst treatment. they had some issues in the past but they are fixed now, from my experience one ui has a lot more issues rn for example one ui 4.1.1 completly broke focus in the camera app.

Yes, absolutely! No matter what company you are in, you should stay calm and chill till the OS update has fixed the bugs!

iPhones feel and look really ugly with square edges

We have a proverb in my country, it says, "All fingers are not the same" So no... Nothing will be the same in this world

Absolutely. Everything treated equally without any biased opinion. But nos i don`t care. Now if so called big YouTubers stated doing biased reviews now i never believe them. I don`t care anyone of them.

Hell naw especially samsung has the most backlash and public coverage

Bugs in iphone :- few apps are not working properly/ there is a battery drain issue-. Bugs in samsung:- battery gonna explode/ there are green lines on display -. But So called techie:- WHY IPHONE AND ANDROID NOT TREATED EQUALLY

I never experienced any issue with iPhone except its adapter but thats changed immediately in service center. Same with Samsung went in week. iPhone either works or stops working, it never let you place in mid .

Nope. They aren`t treated equal.

No they are not treated equally.

Hell no! It`s pitch forks for Android devices and blind eye to IPhones...

Ofc theyre not, this new release proves it

No it didn`t. Especially in America

If android have issues you can just flash another ROM. With iPhone, you just wait and tap that "update now" button

When iphone got issues, you holding it wrong

No, they are not. When there is even the slightest issue with iPhone, there is always bunch of Android sheep having time of their life while pointing out how iPhone and iOS are bad. But, when Samsungs battery is swelling, they pull out 5 years old pictures of iPhone 8.

iOS gets totally shitted on whenever it has any bug. At least on my twitter feed. And Im on there. The bigger the pressure the faster the change aint it? Thats also why did a great job complaining about OneUI animations. I want a S23 AND good animations pls

I think iPhone issues were covered more in the past like antenna gate, bend gate etc. Now they are treated equally

Android is more pleasing. I don`t have bad experience for almost 5 years for OS and phones.

Youre still crying and weeping since talked about Samsung swelling batteries?? Thats too much dude. This way youre hurting yourself even more

definetly not. not even android phone to android phone. there are a ton of issues with samsungs one ui and ios that literally nobody talks about. tho people talked a lot about bugs on the pixel 6 that were fixed a long time ago...

Best example.. Giving punch hole as a feature called dynamic island in a 6.8 inch phone

No. The iphones are treated better. Idk why but androids especially samsungs are shouted on when there is a small software problem even if it doesn`t affect the daily usage.

Hahaha Samsung blowing up the huge most Samsung phones batteries get swollen

No. The iPhone is like crack cocaine to majority of its fanbase. Everyone else sees the problem but them

I have a collection of ios 16 bugs am going to post a long video

iPhone has ugliest notch but still people love it.. if same thing done by Android specially Samsung then people would have slammed Samsung

Never. Samsung always falls victim to brutality

Do a poll and put " i dont care " option so that i can click that

iPhone is trash in from of android

Of course not people use android because of of its functionality so if a slight thing doesn`t work properly people would go crazy but iPhone is used as a fashion statement so it would not matter if few things doesn`t work

Android has a super range, they support tons of processors, USD 100 to USD 3000 devices. Support tons of customization, still somewhat secure. You cant compare it to iOS whose only job is to support 9-10 almost similar architecture devices.

Absolutely not. Its harder calling out iphone errors even if its infront of their face. It`s a shame really

I`ve never heard someone talk about iPhone issues. I thought iPhones are flawless No.. They`re treated differently all the time.. whether you talk about the good or the bad..

No cause most big Tech Youtubers are apple`s puppet.

I`ve never heard someone talk about iPhone issues. I thought iPhones are flawless.

Kinda feels apple is more faster then android

It usually consists of fanboys from each company jumping kn eachother

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