Are you a fan of the TellTale games like

October 2, 2022, 8:46 am
Are you a fan of the TellTale games like
Are you a fan of the TellTale games like this one? Which one is your fave to rule them all?

That one.

The Wolf Within was great but equally as good was Tales of the Borderland

Yes enjoyed wolf among us GoT I thought was boring af Tbh I`ve played them all I`m a big fan of telltale.

Yessss! I love The Walking Dead ones.

I haven`t tried the new Guardians game, I only played the Telltale one. But I really liked it... I even shed a tear, I was so invested in the story...

Lol so far Game of Thrones but I think that`s the only one I`ve played all the way through

Walking Dead was really good, great story

The Wolf Among Us is my all time favourite

I think Ill start with that one then (:

What should I start with?

They are way more simplistic than point and click puzzle titles, but I do like the focus on narrative choices, it keeps a much better pace than a point-and-click.

Ive never played one. I should at some point

Wolf Among Us for me, that`s a seriously good interactive movie.

Ow I really liked Guardians, they kept true to the characters as you know them from the movies, added their humor and some sad bits and made a very gripping story. I played season 1 of TWD on PS3. Liked it but didn`t get into it. Then Batman came as PS+ game and I loved it, so I remembered TWD and I got many of their digital games in a very good sale... Enjoyed most.

If you both liked season 1, it only gets better! Thoigh I still need to play the last season. But two, three and Michonne were good ones as well!

I would highly recommend you continue. No spoilers or anything here. I just happen to love TWD S1 so much I ended up influencing my coworkers into playing it (they played on Android)

The Walking Dead Season 1 for the PS Vita (also for other platforms). I saw it and was like "I`m just gonna try it." but ended up playing through the whole thing.

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