Are you installing @MTG_Arena on your phone at this

January 28, 2021, 10:46 pm
Are you installing @MTG_Arena on your phone at this
Are you installing on your phone at this very moment?

I would be if it wasnt saying that it isnt compatible with my android device. Lol

Not showing up in my app store yet, maybe it`s a time zone issue, maybe my phone can`t run it

Moments like this......everything. But also...

Only supports like 4 phones

So far I`ve had to download the app, doenload files within the app and download an additional 500mb

I assumed you did it for flavor reasons. Couldn`t finish the sentence!

Nope. Not compatible with any of my Android devices. Else it`d be on my 2 year old tablet already.

*looks at Arena and Arena economy* *looks at paper cards I can touch and shuffle and sit and play with a friend* I`m all set

Sobs in Samsung Galaxy S8 (non-supported type)

it took like 30 minutes to download, but I think I got there.

Nope. Im over here waiting for iOS to be supported.

Absolutely not

My droid is too old apparently.

Not yet. Soon. Maybe. I have to really think this over.

Cries in iOS

I guess... The question had consumed y

Is it available for android tablets? Not showing up in play store.


Can`t. Not supported. Am okay with that.

Not with a poll, but sometimes I`ll do that with a tweet where I just get into what I`m saying and start to ramble and then by the time I even realize it I`ve hit my limit and run out of room. It happens all the damn time. Like, half my time on this site is spent editing tweets w


I want to download it. But I`m on iOS.

I got iPhone. Sadly cant yet:(

Gonna try it, can always fall back on Forge when I inevitably get a hankering for older cards.

Because I`m at work ;_;

iPhone :(

You ever make a poll and not realize that you hit the character limit? I did today.

apple :(

My iPhone says sadface

I have, was hopping for it to be available on Chromebooks too. ;)

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