Are you ready? Ready For what ? your time

February 1, 2021, 7:21 pm
Are you ready? Ready For what ? your time
Are you ready?

Ready For what ? your time is over and ship is sinking like htc,motorola and sony.

Plz push an update for OP3T

For you to fix the broken decryption on the 7t series oh yes very ready

Lol. Did you managed to fix a few years old feature (AoD) on the 7T? :`D it would be very surprising

They`re going to have to stop asking stupid questions about nets because what they get is just complaints and bombs. The flagship OnePlus8Pro global version has been with the same security patch for almost 4 months (1 November 2020)Niviembre, December, January, and now February.

Yes. Damn ready for OnePlus Watch

You haven`t even upgraded to OnePlus8Pro us`IN2025 global version that still maintains November 1 security patch and asks if we`re ready? Not really! We`re not ready. I`m ready not to think about buying oneplus9pro

For a free phone? Yes

Waiting for the watch.... Ready to say Goodbye worst OS ever Waiting eagerly for OOS11 for OP7t

When can I expect oxygen os 11 for my OP7TP?

Yeah ... But for what?

yeah let`s go teampixel

Yes, I want that watch

GIVING free OnePlus phones

When we get the android 11..???

No unless I won a cyberpunk 2077 OnePlus 8T?

I`m more than ready! Show us what you got!!!

Yeah. But my pocket asking me an excuse.

from the oneplus 3 I am writing to you to get a device of yours to analyze when you present it .. after so long, to see if this year you finally remember my channel!

One plus two was a flagship killer once, I`ve no problems with it still. Feels bad, it never got upgraded since 2017. Also not ready Invest in 5G until technology is throughout globe.

Please reveal the oneplus watch!

Why am I just now getting this notification ??

Im ready , until i get one !

Not yet untill you send Android 11 to OnePlus 7T global stable

About what? Is it about the next one plus Nord edition???

Increase the battery guys go beyond 6k mah battery and see the change, make camera and battery good then see the change even I want to buy one plus model but battery is not that good

I mean if your gonna wow me enough then sure

Ye but for headphone jack

When release OnePlus 9 am` waiting for .....:) Smash

Waiting desperately for one plus smart Watch plz..... Any update guys

Sure, I`m optimistic. I`m a new OnePlus user, sporting a OnePlus8t I love the phone so far and I`m quite considering oneplusbuds if you have a new product or improved hardware/software then sure, in ready

No.. i swich samsung or iphone because my oneplus 8pro so many issues.oneplus bad device issue.every time restart.and every update bugs.i used oneplus 6 and 7t that is best.

Kya surprise hain chacha

Please please please fix the, well known and we`ll discussed, problem with the Nord where the Bluetooth will not work unless you disable WIFI and even then it`s not as good as it should be. This will definitely make the difference as to whether or not I remain a OnePlus owner.

People! This is the moment!!!

The 7T Pro will probably be my last OnePlus device. You used to be one of the first brands with software and security updates but with this device, you`ve been woefully slow. Samsung have rolled out Android 11 to a number of devices already

Oh great a TABLET.... NOT..... Come on we want a tablet... I feel a coming on, I think its time to jump ship to a exciting new brand and flagshipkiller

I purchased OnePlus 7 pro thinking that it`s a flagship phone but suddenly they dropped price of 7 pro after I purchased it and now I don`t get android 11 update and why u launched Nord now every one have oneplus now it`s not a flagship killer

I`m ready to test out the new one plus sure.. dm me for my info..

Are you sending me a new phone.

For what ? ElonMusk try to promoting your phone or did you Invent any vaccine

I will be ready for one plus 9T sure ... But first release Oxy OS 11 for one plus 6t also ....!!!!

I`m not ready for new cheap and poor phones...

Definitely not ready for new bugs

Is Android 11 for 6t users?

How hard are you gonna surprise us on a scale of 1 to 10(OnePlus9)?


I`m facing screen burn on a one plus 7 Pro phone. The question is Are you ready with a quality product this time atleast. One Plus seems to have lost my interest.

Ever since i saw oneplus 3

The one plus 7 pro is the most laggy phone ever ,I want to throw it away and get a nokia rather

When I was loyal to OP, they couldn`t deliver to Ukraine. Many years past and they still couldn`t with all the Internet noises they made. So, I switched to Xiaomi, after all, they are Chinese made phones and Xiaomi with its MIUI is very good with updates. Need to unfollow OP even

For Jee main 2021. Not yet.

If the price is good, and the specs also...

I have to say you really earned all this hate from your customers. Let`s see what you release next. After one plus one, three and 7 pro, I don`t know if I will ever buy one of your phones anymore

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Yes we are ready for the OnePlus smartwatch in the usa. Hope tmobile will sell it.

Not at all. Very high price for all products

the live video Unbelievable

I am not ready Android 11 my oneplus 6

No...... this price iphone best

Nope we aren`t ready for whatever you are planning to do.... Now a days the OnePlus is trying in great Apple in their costs and reducing the availability of the your products to the OnePlus brand lovers... And we feel OnePlus is going beyond our reach.....

Ready for new innovation and unlimited possibility OnePlus

Yes we are ready from months now ... Waiting for OnePlus 7T oxygen update. No more excitement . OnePlus7t

Give me a phone gift and i`ll be ready whole of my life

Ayoo already next version han !!!!

I would like to know when the Android 11 update is coming for the OnePlus 7 Pro.

No updates for OnePlus 7t? Why the Android 11 update are soo... Late!

Where is android 11 update for OnePlus 5t ?should I switch the phone

Where is the Android 11 update of oneplus nord? I have a OnePlus bullet wireless z bass edition, my headphone sometimes disconnected when already have connect.

please update android 11 on OnePlus nord....

Security patch provide uptodate mobile over heating night scape improve image quality battery life increase bugs fixed updates support sir kindly

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