As perfect as 11

August 31, 2021, 2:41 pm
As perfect as 11
As perfect as 11.11 *would* be, we just couldn`t wait any longer to make Windows11 available. Get it October 5th, and read all about it now.

Should have waited since most people don`t have the hardware.


I`m going to uninstall windows 11 if there`s no dark mode in control panel


"Read all about how we artificially gate hardware that would run it perfectly fine!" I meet or exceed literally every requirement except your arbitrary CPU requirement so I`m pretty much screwed. Good show guys.

Newest features are yet to be added in the windows insider builds. It definitely feels like they are gonna half ass launch this product and add newest features later. Well, Goodbye Windows 11 until next year when all the newest features are added and bugs are ironed out

I can`t wait to see how my existing software won`t run on this OS...!

Not gonna use until you add back in everything you took out, as usual.

So When can we expect Android apps Support ( Want to try Clash of Clans )

After my system sleep. When turn on my system is dead slow.. please rectify this issue

UK will it make everybody`s printers obselete again? wasn`t windows 10 supposed to be the last?

NAh Ill stay on windows 10

Is that going to include Windows Subsystem for Android on day 0?

How is it that my surface Pro 2017 with the highest specs purchase of the time is not gonna be supported on Windows 11. All because of a Intel i7 . I have the insider preview of Windows 11 now and it runs smoother with it than 10. Why won`t it be supported at release?

Literally releasing a day before my birthday its like a early present

Panos`s main pitching point on the reveal day was running android apps. Now the official release without that feature seems a bit dishonest. why are you rushing an OS that got developed as a covid quarantine hobby.

No no no. I have a 3 year old gaming computer thst fails thr eligibility. WTF are you thinking. 11 is a no

Ugh. Do we have to?

So we are now a month out from release, and Android app support still isn`t in the beta? Or even the dev channels? Are you kidding me?

Pfft.. win10 v. 20.04 had like a 60% failure install rate of all users PCs and you`re just going to move on to win11? What do you think the upgrade rate of that is going to be?

wintoddler`s dumpster fire.

Go ahead and push for the 11.11 and listen to your users. We want a working os and no damn account.

Oh no.... I had hopes you might fix it prior to releasing, but now that seems very unlikely. Currently totally unbearable (start menu and taskbar are complete rubbish)!

Which is a timely reminder for me to step up my ongoing plan to ditch Windows and move to Linux.

My understanding was that windows 10 would be the last. I`m keeping Windows 10 as long as I can.

I thought Windows 10 was going to be the last one?

Doesn`t work on most machines. Great OS Microsoft!

So question... Will you keep your desktop layout when you update?

Is there gonna be a style where it looks exactly like win10

Thanks but I prefer w10

Can we already drag files to the taskbar to open them in other programs or not?...

But 11.11.21 is just a mess, so best to randomize it all.

is tpm 2.0 still mandatory? if that`s the case I`ll stick with Windows 10, at least until I can upgrade my cpu and motherboard

UK Perfect? Youve removed stuff thats been in all windows for years, why cant I hide the clock etc???

It`s not even stable yet, what are you thinking ? to release another Vista ?

The UI is less than halfway finished. The actual preview still looks like a trash heap. I honestly thought it would be set to release 2 months later than that and still be garbage by then.

Will be a great Birthday gift for me. 5October

Is this a Skyrim reference I am using Windows 11 Dev channel for a long time and it is awesome! it is fast and have no problem with it at all.

I would if it was compatible with Intel 6th generation!

Im scared this might be delayed

I will buy a macbook if I don`t get new and advanced built-in video editor in windows 11.

Good thing I upgraded my PC this year from my old 4th gen I5 to the 5000 series Ryzen, can`t wait for it

Want to ask you about manual update via ISO. When the ISO will be available?? I mean I want to know about date. Or is it October? I am not able to update because of no TPM.

As Win 11 is to be centered. It must support all major file system like btrfs, apfs, hfs, ext4,... Along with major app formats like, flatpak, exe, pkg, app, apk, aab, ... But in a simple one click install. To decrease Windows installer size, modular approach is good.

Remember, before updating your computer, you should back up your Data!... also, Windows 11 changes how your hotbar looks... it`s that generic Apple/MAC design.

Please fix the ergonomics and lack of customization. Windows 11 is not ready...

NOOOO. You should`ve released it on 11/11.

I only just got win10. You are going tooo fast. ;)

Im having trouble on using windows 10, cuz I dont have a computer or a laptop to get used to it. And now windows 11 is gonna be released??!!!!!

cool but half of the things in 11 are either broken or missing or have very weird design choices

Me who is on a Insider Program: Too late.. (Question to Microsoft: Can I stay on Insider programs or I have to install Windows 11 coming later?)

Release it on November 11 to make it 11.11

Looks gorgeous, cant wait

We got a problem with Windows11, just tested Windows11 against Windows10 about 4 days ago and 11 is slower than 10 in gaming tests, so please fix the problem ASAP, btw heres video about the OS : can`t wait to update and see the blue screen of death

It is a pity that windows do not take into account the importance of personalization of the visual, the colors ... the letters. In Windows 10 you see a bland white thing, everything mixes ... we waste mb of resources on rounded edges ... skins.

Windows 11 doesn`t support older laptop with Old Processor, don`t have TPM 2.0. 9 years old Laptop is dead, buy new Laptop soon in end of 2022 or 2023.

Waiting for research time ;))))release I mean release ;)))

Meh, I still use and am happy with Win7 lol

Why tpm 2.0 is mandatory? I Know you are thinking about security features but plz make it an optional thing. My 2013 bought laptop without tpm 2.0 can easliy run your insiders.......

There`s nothing new, lack of new content.. Is that a joke?

Nah, all my homies install Windows 98 SE

No Android app support on launch?

What about the requirement for TPM/TMP(?) thing? I got new gaming PC this year and I am afraid it doesnt have this thing or I will need to turn it on in BIOS, but I am afraid I would mess it up when the PC is in warranty period but W11 looks good

Windows 11 will be released soon. Join us on one of the biggest WIndows 11 communities, to talk and learn more about it. Our active members have been testing it a few months already. Insider Just add Taskbar Labels FFS

oh this is bad bad bad bad news unless big changes come soon... Going "final" with these two issues makes you look bad. 1) Anyone who turns off recommend apps in start menu gets to look at this colossal waste of space and has to scroll up extra high to hit the icons Just Cant wait for the awesome upgrade

What about those who don`t have TPM modules? left in the dark? Forced to spend money to upgrade our systems?

So happy cant wait !! Couldn`t wait any longer, hmm? Does Windows ME sound familiar to you?

When can paly gacha games ?

Hmm I wonder what is being launched on Oct 27..oh yes Intel ADL.. You could have waited to polish it some more and make it more stable.. but nope..Intel is invested..

judging by what we`ve seen in the beta I think you could deff last till 11/11

No thanks, not keen for your new policy to generate ewaste

Just release Lite free version for old computers

I am waiting for Windows 10 21H2.

I would probably release it on the 11th of November...... 11/11 but october 5th is fine too :)

I`m still rocking windows XP and don`t want to upgrade. My computer works fine for what I need it for.

Nope, not after all the weird glitches (small, but annoying) that updating from 7 to 10 caused for my old computer.

Most hardware unsupported, not receiving updates and most interesting feature delayed. Let`s name it Windows Lumia.

Nice, I will make sure to get it in a decade! It`s still gonna be Windows 10 for me, since my intel 7th gen i5 ain`t supported.

Can I opt out?

Really pushing your buy a new PC motif now aren`t you Will you implement an toggle for safe and easy debloat it and turn off all AI and cloud so called enhancements?

dont you need some 7th gen processor or something?

Please CHANGE how file types are set. PLEASE.

hehe too bad it`s not compatible with my i7 6900k even tho it`s a pretty good CPU and I don`t need a new one :))

y`all could wait until October 22nd to release and give me a free retail copy for my birthday Windows11

WOOOOOOO YEAHHH BABY that`s what we been waiting for

I am using from version 100 Windows 11 on my surface book 3. For me 5th October is too early. Windows 11 works well but not yet like Windows 10.

so good Maybe in a year or 2, im not going to change my hardware cos a new o.s

11.11 would have been better smh Microsoft do better

Did you forget that you sell both hardware and operating systems? Front and center should be the compatibility list for Surface devices.

Not sure whether to feel excited or not

If Windows 11 is so good then where is Windows 12?

Are Intel 7th Gen CPUs now compatible?


There`s a month left of Insider and it`s still so unstable...

shoulda released it on Oct. 11th then, I ain`t buying it now I`ll hang onto 10 until all the bugs are fixed, hopefully by late next year.

Great! I have a question, I have a personal laptop but it`s more for like studying, it isn`t too powerful... Will my laptop still be able to update to Windows 11? Or do I need a more powerful computer?

I really don`t understand why gen 6/7 of intel processor aren`t supported sinci they have tpm too, i`m very interested in this new os but i don`t wanna change my pc yet...

Is direct storage being ready from that date as well?

Should probably wait until 11.11 so you can launch without any missing advertised features. Just saying.

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