As someone who has an Android that`s like 2

September 25, 2021, 5:35 am
As someone who has an Android that`s like 2
As someone who has an Android that`s like 2 - 3 yrs old I always wonder what is it like to have an iPhone?

its like this if you have a non-apple cord it doesnt charge but when the phone is too dead to notice the cord isnt apple itll charge just fine until it charges enough and then you engage at which point it says oh no this cord doesnt work

They put out the first smart phone it`s pretty intuitive. After violated my privacy changing my personal music files in their cloud I paid for I never bought another apple product after that. Stick with Android and limit the access and applications you use.

Switching from Android to IPhone was pure hell! Nothing made sense! Eventually I learned to use it and Im fine with it now.

Broke my iphone last month, have a pixel 3 and I want to go back. But I`ll keep this for the camera

I`ve had an Android since college, and got no intention of switching to an iphone

I use a work iphone sometimes and my android is a lot smoother I must say

Gosh, I`m not especially interested in upgrading, guess that means I`ve edged into complete irrelevance.

Why? iPhones are trash OS`s

My android is going on 6 years. It`s fine.

I`m on a 3 year old Android and I have no want for an iPhone. Personally, I just want a smart phone with no tech giant ecosystem. Thinking about going with a Linux phone.

Based on some of the stuff Ive seen you talk about here you may want to check this out first before making that decision Had Android the past many years, got an iphone currently. It`s...different. Takes getting used to for sure. Camera is better, many apps are made for iphone versus ported to android, but quite a bit less flexibility. Oh how I miss .apk files

It`s overrated. Straight phonaganda

If you: do any IT work with your phone, want the option of sideloading apps, and want detailed customization, stick with Android. If you: prefer consistency, even across first and third party apps, and more of "Set it and forget it" approach, try out iOS.

I`ve had both, and I prefer android.

Yall phone is better. Dont tell no one i said that tho. I gotta keep up the faade

Android devices are comparable to Apple is you buy in the same price range. The open source nature of Android allows for budget phones, making it more accessible. Apple restrictiveness can be overcome with jailbreaking, but that has consequences.

I had an apple phone through 9th-11th/12th grade. Then I switched over to samsung. I think apple makes you update more on the apps.

If you like being treated like a baby, go with an iPhone.

Pretty sure apple still owns the device. That`s why they are allowed to restrict certain apps or downloads. They basically try to trap you to be apple everything.

Feels just like exploiting the proletariat should... Sleek, fast, and a useless waste of time I`ve been using Android phones for 8 years now, never had a problem tbh. iPhones got worse after Steve Jobs died imo

I have had both...I prefer Android by a lot.

I had androids from the Galaxy s4 to the Galaxy s6, and when that broke I switched to iPhone 7+ and have an iPhone 11 now. Main difference is it isnt choppy and slow after a year, and it just works. Little to no app crashes like my samsungs had.

Im thinking strongly of going Android. Apple has implemented planned obsolescence on steroids.

Swore off apple products when I was 15. Never looked back.

I bought my first 3GS when I was 26 and I have never used any other smart phone, besides a black berry. It changed my life forever, instant gratification.

I had an Apple for work & Android (Samsung) for as a personal phone, & I really didn`t like the Apple. Of course, I miss the Black Berry, so I may not be the best judge.

Each android needs a specific hack to break in to, Apple`s IOS kernel has never changed so one hack fits all..

Sucks, Android works much better for me

Apple integrates so well with all other things Apple. Its seamless mobile to computer to accessories. This plus not wanting a learning curve is the only reason I am Apple.

Smooth just restrictions for downloading stuff that`s it.

I`ve had both and I`m an Apple person through and through

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