Aussie builders, drop your projects in the comments! Would

October 10, 2022, 5:28 am
Aussie builders, drop your projects in the comments! Would
Aussie builders, drop your projects in the comments! Would love to take a look. There would be so many gems aussiefollowaussie

FootiePalz all day long

Building crypto jobs platform as a part of since 2017. $TIME is the ultimate currency as our friend Elon said

Hey Chris, have a look at what we are launching at Everbuild. Love to have a fellow Aussies opinion and support!

Hi Christian! Feel free to check us out aussiesupportaussie Hey guys. Founder of here. Bit of a unique one.. An NFT utility, MetaVerse PTE Virtual Land, PVP Battle & Build game built and developed since Nov `21. We`re ramping up to release the next exciting stages of the game, everyone is welcome to pop by the Discord! Lmao was gonna say , why is he commenting that on your post haha

Been working on exposing this prominent web3 serial scammer. People really should investigate who they are investing with. Check out . Aussie company who has been building in the bear for over 1 yr. World class team building the next great game & film franchise.aussiebuyaussie Part of the team Myself and are the chapter sorry couldn`t help myself

Full time on atm

Not the devs, but do check out blue chip Aussie project

Gday carnts. The Aussies are a "true blue" chip. Lets get it going!

MongrelSZN it is Were an Aussie founded project. Original Abstract style art is our main style created by Ben come check us out on avax red Would be stoked if you could check out

I have and my new one is which i made the first tweet for just today!

If youre on sol be sure to check out Working on . Game devs euro but I learning too lol

No mine but on the elrond network is Squidgrow. Owner is day 1 Shiba Inu billionaire. He wants to make it bigger than Shib, and with the utility it packs I don`t see why not. Not my work, but my favourite Aussie NFT project: I`m not one of the project leaders there but we have a few Aussies and two of us are mods, me being one of them. Good bunch of people. Aussie founders creating something huge

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