Axie Infinity — a crypto-based monster battle game that

October 13, 2021, 2:15 am
Axie Infinity — a crypto-based monster battle game that
Axie Infinity a crypto-based monster battle game that is almost comically difficult to play, and has 2 million players anyway is one of the years most interesting tech stories. Now co-founder tells me it may be coming to the App Store:

25% of its players (500,000 people) dont have access to financial services but are somehow paying the equivalent of $1500 to get into the game?

Thanks for writing about Axie. Their transaction volume is more than double even the most hyped NFTs (which then fade, axie just keeps going). Ive been wanting to read about them so this was perfect.

Hi Casey. Just read your article on playtoearn. Its already happening in the US on on iOS. You can buy and sell NFTs in game and players are already benefiting financially. You should check us out. Ill be at On The Verge. See you there.

Worth remembering that having a bank account is not the same as using financial services, particularly in places like the Philippines - would be surprised if people who can use Axie have never used GCASH or SMART etc

Way back in 2017 I learned about CryptoKitties, which sounded like a fun "cat collecting" game for my daughter, but turned out to be...a lot like Axie Infinity (including being a pain in the ass to get started). I wonder what Axie did right to reach critical mass?

I dont mean to brag but I feel like Ive not liked ideas that are objectively a lot more likable than this one

ownership on internet > living on internet > working on internet

Best line in the piece, IMHO: "Will it gradually siphon the attention of people who might have otherwise spent their time thumbing through feeds, mindlessly enriching the platform?"

I can not like that idea without even hardly trying

I realize there are still plenty of crypto skeptics out there, but its hard not to like the idea of people in developing countries doubling their incomes + accessing banking services for the first time by playing games
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