Banning characters (steve) is completely reasonable, done in other

June 20, 2022, 4:25 am
Banning characters (steve) is completely reasonable, done in other
Banning characters (steve) is completely reasonable, done in other fighting games, and is probably the only possible thing that could spark nintendo into actually patching the game once more

Or YOU could provide results since he`s so broken

Time is a circle :(

Steve doesn`t need to be banned we need to get better

It doesn`t take a genius to see that characters that have had a reasonable argument for being banned have had much stronger representation then Steve does, it`s not even close. If we applied your logic to Ult we would`ve banned several characters previously that since fell off.

If you claim Steve is that "broken" than win a tourney with him. Should be easy since he`s so broken right

Dude will actually wait for nintendo to do something instead of learning the matchup

Whack ass characters are meant to be in smash just cause people see it as cringe or game breaking doesnt mean much tbh because in the end sakurai had intentions behind all the characters he designed for the game whether you like the character or not they are meant to be there.

Id be completely against banning if they still put out patches, but knowing that nothings going to change game wise definitely opens the door for it

Did this man not realize you were at summit? Lavish is easily a pro at smash bros. You don`t have to be top 10 in the world to be considered a pro.

Honestly instead of waiting for an unwilling community to ban a character its probably better for the players who dont like said character to run their own events with a different ruleset. Happned all the time with martial Arts no reason not to at least try it for fighting games

Nintendo doesn`t care what the community does unless it`s a chance for them to bring misery

gotta love anecdotal evidence

Keep the block man or fraudulent I fear

I aint gonna lie, DLC Pack 2 is partly why I dont have the desire to grind the game out

yeah idk about the last thing but we should ban steve

Did he lose to Steve?

Ban steve or this game will have evo 2018 for this game

Personally I find learning new and unusual matchups a fun challenge. Fighting Steve hasnt become impossible yet and players are still learning the matchup.

nahhhh cuz this is gonna lead em to nerf kazuya and he doesn`t need it at all despite how many people complain abt him people need to learn to grind MUs and stop relying on the developers to bail them out of hard ones

I hard disagree with a Steve ban. Acola and Yonni played REALLY well. I see no reason for a ban since you can`t just pick up and play Steve (I have tried it`s harder than it seems). Along with that we saw players almost beat Acola but he ended up winning from playing well

People keep citing dead games as a reason to let this one sink :(

the cost onin dub into the gimv acola dub just noticed onins twitter from the regional that he won today lmao ^I told gang he was beating Icymist today off blind faith after seeing their last sets and lo and behold

Leaves these takes for the pros

Why would they care if a character is banned in competitive smash lmfao

Banning characters is good but Steve is not even close to being good enough to be banned. Characters being banned usually only happens when the character is so good that there is either no counter play, or that just that they dominate results. Steve is not like that

And I havent even mentioned god onin who I would bet irresponsible amounts of cash on vs almost anyone

In my own region, we have a steve post covid that got such insane results so fast opposed to how hard he worked before that he literally quit the game And a steve that did not even know how to fast fall until 4 days before beating our rank 1

Minecraft Steve has people in shambles.

Why ban Steve though? Hes so fun and funny to watch and I want to play as him lmao

This is Nintendo were talking about. Even if all of top 32 for every partnered circuit was nothing but Steve mirrors the concept of balancing this game in 2022 wouldnt cross their minds

I don`t think that tactic would work on Nintendo under normal circumstances, but if we get the Panda Cup to do it, it might.

Steve and Kazuya please

steve isnt bannable though he is just really good.He isnt bayo tier and they didnt even ban bayo in smash 4

With the exception of Labcoat (who was 7/8 of Combo Breaker), what other fgs have banned someone for power reasons?

What other FGC game has banned a character that does not have the clear best results in the game? This isn`t rhetorical. I assumed none, but could be wrong.

Imagine you are a tekken player who doesn`t know anything about smash, you`re bored one day, you randomly open a smash stream to see what`s going on, and you see a steve No wonder other fgc communities sometimes think we`re clowns

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