Batman is dead

October 10, 2022, 12:46 am
Batman is dead
Batman is dead. Gotham needs a new protector. Who will you choose to ascend to Knighthood in the neon-soaked streets of Gotham Knights?

Maaaan look we protecting Gotham for Batman no cap

I really want to get this game but the graphics are telling me not to

And yet hes not Not really. Happy with the current games I have like mad max and the Arkham trilogy

Game is Dead on Arrival

Gotham Knights better not flop. It has great potential.

Well that`s not even a fair question, especially putting Nightwing up there in the same tweet XD

Ngl I have zero hype for this game

Make the combat speed a lil faster

Should have been called Gotham Sidekicks.

Batman needs a new game. Not "Sidekicks" the game. Batman should be a dlc character in the game Or We e know batman will be a dlc character in Gotham knights in the near future

No one because this game is trash

Batman is obviously still alive

Barbara is my first playthrough, even though we know well need to play all four for the platinum.

No he is not stop the cap

I hope we get an answer on the arkham knight nightmare batman

The scene where we find out Batman isnt dead is gonna be great

Nightwing. Always Nightwing.

Bootyman is dead so I`m gonna choose to ascend soopyman

When does this come out?

How did Batman die

Anything I`ve seen since the reveal trailer about this title screams a loud 7 outta 10 average/mediocre game. I just can`t help it.. Can`t explain it for the life of me..

A new company to give my money to

Who thought it was a good idea to kill Batman in any video game? Everyone wants to play as him lol

add roblox to playstation

Just ask they protect really well.

I feel like this game gonna fail and come to ps plus

Batgirl Bro where tf is the showcase

The game looks generations behind current standards and several behind what has already come in the Arkham games. Big no from me, total waste of time.

Wow, a 70 dollars Batman sidekicks only game. How can this be bad, right?

Can we talk about those ugly new Ps5 backgrounds that we can`t change for a minute? Like come on guys How many times will you be repeating that?

Nightwing!! Yeah... No it doesn`t, it`s better off dead.

Except he isnt really dead. Guaranteed. Or he is, and gets brought back somehow.

Batgirl 0 question

Game looks like generic trash compared to the Arkham games.

Ummm none of them. Don`t wanna play as a sidekick. I wanna play as BATMAN


Give us a dlc of batman beyond Bruce campaign and maybe a dark knights metal outfit or story.

None. The game is a waste of time and money

Will it be cross platform Co-op?

RIP to PS4 and Xbox one users.

Hit-girl and big daddy could make a real difference.

I choose My Boy! Cant wait to drive in this game!

I choose faux death Batman!

What is everyones final thoughts on Gotham Knights? Will it be a hit or a miss?

Batman is old, 1939

I dont like this. This couldve been done better. Make a Batman game he dies at the end starting the next game Gotham Knights and have them lure on his death until they become Gothams new Knight. I feel like this games story will be rushed and we will feel no attachment to it.

is this on ps plus?

Batman is not dead LMAOOO I always think All the Tweet Is going to say is "The batman is Dead." Lool!! and the fact that it is from PlayStation is even funnier.

Release a ps4 version please

Theyll get my help once that price drops below 70 for a C average game.

the tweet a banger xbox only Ls

Batman isnt dead how dare you sir!!! Wo Batman DC would be dead lol so dont take their own golden egg

Crash bandicoot 5 release date?

Batman is revived by the Lazarus and you fight him in a boss fight lmao, I will keep spoiling the game for everyone lmao

give me ps plus my user is KioBodiesYT

When PS Showcase and PS plus premium and extra games?

I bet he ain`t dead.

Batgirl for one reason

Finna be on game pass in a couple of months. Not worth it.

Batman aint dead dont lie

Ill do it We are waiting for Suicide Squad

This reminds me of the time I delivered a pizza in Jada Pinkett Smith`s bathroom.

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