Battleverse io announces a new partnership with solchicksnft the leading

April 8, 2022, 10:21 pm
Battleverse io announces a new partnership with solchicksnft the leading
announces a new partnership with the leading NFT Powered Fantasy P2E Game on Solana. BattleVerse, a free play-to-earn online game powered by DeFi x NFT and blockchain technology. INFO: SolanaSpace

cheers to this new partnership ! i hope they will maintain the good communication between them because that`s an important factor

So how are you two planning to make this collaboration work? Battle Verse had made a lot of fans and it`s because of its game that is a unique fusion of DeFi and NFT and blockchain technology.

More gaming reels are coming. Let`s all have this p2e deals rise with u

Yas for this one. We gotta have this p2e and earn more fron their gaming.

Keep bringing all the wide pumom be read to have good p2e desls comd at us.

I`m amazed on how they successfully made a great partnership like this! This is so beneficial

rooting for this partnership . i believe do you have the capabilities to make their users impress

wishing that they you will come up on new concepts and unique features that no one else has done beforr

this game has something that is really amazing and beneficial, we are excited to see more about your projects

another p2e! let`s keep on supporting. anw, loving every game you release. sometimes it is difficult to understand but when the time goes by, it seems to be fun

This P2E opportunity is now ready to serve us! I`m so excited for th play to earn project of Battleverse

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