Be honest - have you ever held your smartphone

April 25, 2022, 5:44 pm
Be honest - have you ever held your smartphone
Be honest - have you ever held your smartphone like a tricorder & pretended to scan the room? I just caught myself doing just that! Too much StarTrek ???

Many times when looking for a signal..

Mine hasnt detected any life signs or anomalies yet, but ima keep trying

Well.. yeah... XD

All the bloody time!

Back when I had a flipphone, definitely. Kinda miss it.

But do you make it sass you back like Data did in Generations? I know, too deep for twitter :D

Of course - I actually have apps that I use in the field for measuring and cataloging so in essence, my phone *is* a tricorder.

When I first got a flip phone (back in the 90s) I`d constantly flip it open like a TOS communicator.

Oh, I *totally* do that all the time. It`s doubly amusing that the tricorders in Picard are the galaxy z flip 3 with a custom app and some prop dressing.

isn`t that what we do when we take a panoramic picture?

Well, honestly, yes... because I have 15 Tricorder wallpapers on my smartphone, 3 of them TOS, and I also use my DST M`Benga scanner or my DST McCoy "saltshaker" scanner. Have you ever answered or pretended to answer your phone with "Kirk here"?

No. I have a flip phone. It`s a communicator.

Try ghost radar app

I do, often, but only because I`m either searching for a better signal or running a Wi-Fi network analyzer (yes, that`s a real thing). The wireless application is actually part of my job, so YES I really do scan.

I will just leave this here Don`t tell anyone I told you this, but my answer is a "yes".

No, but my phone is `flip phone` because it looks like a communicator.

I thought it was weird when people don`t do this

Ah but do you say talk to a lift when you are on your own and make the turbolift noise... "Deck 3.. wump wump wump"

Whenever someone annoys you, just hold up your phone and say "Computer, end program." Then when nothing happens, tap your phone furiously, then angrily say, "Hey Jimmy! These holograms disabled the exit again. Quit making them self-aware! They think they`re funny!"

No but I did with my old flip phones and talked. Like. Jim. Kirk.

.........And had the simulation App running

It should be an app to do that, transform our phones into tricoders; lets pretend in style.

Ive got an app for that Too much Star Trek?!? Blasphemy!!!

I`d prefer the 25th century Romulan molecular reconstruction, forensics technique used by Laris...

Yes... Who is a Treky and *hasn`t* done this?

No, but when I had a flip phone I would close it like they used to do with communicators.

Hmmm. I don`t think so... I think it might be a fan built one

Just dont forget to switch from Communicator to Tricorder mode!

Allllll the tiiiiiiime

I have an app of an original tricorder. Ill joke to my son he is really an Andorian.

IT used smartphones to check WiFi strength throughout the building. When asked what we were doing, we said that we were, "Scanning for ghosts."

Wait are you saying my phone is NOT a tricorder???? That actually explains a lot!! Lol

Ah but can u play angry birds on it?

I just saw that a prop tricorder or some kind of scanner on SNW is a bendable cell phone with a fancy Trekified case.

We need a system theme for our mobiles

Often. StarTrek

Its called a mobile device according to Admiral Picard.

my phone screen image is the holodesk control panel ... geek on!

After I bought my Pixel I found out it has enough "sensor" type equipment already on board that I can use a handful of sensor apps to turn my phone into an actual almost tricorder.

It is a tricorder just in disguise

No but I held my flip phone like a communicator

I have a sonic screwdriver too and used it at work once. Got me some weird looks

I own a tricorder and always use it when sth doesn`t work as it should

I am guilty now

There`s an app for that

I`ve gone further than that. Add in my Jim Carrey impression of Kirk signalling the Enterprise.

Wait until you get a copy of magicplan or AR Plan 3D and do it for real.

Never did that...

I wish my smart phone was a tricorder

Too much Star Trek.. these words make no sense.

I have a tri-corder app and I do it almost daily.

First day at Star Trek Mission Chicago, I was using my phone for directions to the Con and thought. This is exactly like using a Tricorder! When i had my old Razr, I`d flip it open like a communicator. But that was it I like that the new tricorders seem to be all screen, even at the fold. I think they should be thinner. They seem awfully block-y to me.

Get the Quadcorder app! Nooo....of course I`ve never done that! *looks around innocently* or....have I? Hehehehe

I just love scanning for life forms.....

There used to be an app on android that would turn your smart phone into a tricorder - and use its sensors (basically use) and display the readings with sounds. I can not confirm or deny i used to use this in private - on an away mission........

Never too much Trek!

My hands too small

If someone made a real version of this at that size and had a network server connected to it game changer for all mankind.

True I meant this specific one, I don`t recognize it from the shows?

I usually hold it like a communicator asking Scotty to beam me up.

I downloaded the LCARS app the other night and in this screen, when you press the index readout at the bottom, it continuously makes the scanning sound. Now that I noticed Merlin does birdsong identification, I definitely have been out there, scanning for life forms I believe theres an app for that - and if theres not one - there certainly should be

No such thing as too much Star Trek!

No... but when I had a flip phone (I am so very old)... Isn`t the tricorder currently used on Picard a Samsung smartphone? Someone has to do an LCARS style interface surely?

Guilty as charged! I also wave my hand in front of the automatic doors at stores like Im using The Force to open them.

Yes, yes, I do.

Shush, dont tell anyone..

I have seen every episode of every Sta Trek series up to Enterprise many of the episodes Dozens of times I own and have read just about every Star Trek book and comic and NO I have never done that.

That`s how I hold it to scroll and type

It`s gotten worse since I got a Galaxy flip phone

Basically, everyone who plays does this

Mines like 26 years old and yours looks so much cooler! I`ve installed an LCARS styled launcher once on my android, it even had the right notification sounds etc so yes, I very much did that

My actual phone Ive done it! And no, not too much Trek.

Always do! This is an app for iPhone users. Its called Quadcorder. Lol!! No. . Must be because SNW`s is only days away.

But I thought that some apps can be useful to incorporate in it such as sort of oximeter, measuring your routine walk/job etc, compass, EM, EVP etc? or am I talking about mobile/smartphones? It looks real and fancy to me

Whoa, where is this tricorder from?

All the time.... and my screensaver is a federation one...

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