Beating the game on the lowest difficulty is still

July 10, 2021, 10:36 am
Beating the game on the lowest difficulty is still
Beating the game on the lowest difficulty is still beating the game

No beating the game with all achievements is beating the game 100%

I`d argue that it`s a mere walkthrough

Nope. Id say at LEAST normal is required. On easy you are only experiencing the game.

I mean you have my full respect if you want to play Outlast or Resident Evil on easy mode. Personally i choice Nightmare and Hard and i regret everything Outlast makes me wanna die

Everything is a challenge if it exists, no matter how easy.

Its called a first playthrough.

Still beating the game, but not as impressive as beating it on a higher difficulty.

I wish more people would understand this. Also the reason for beating it on easy could have various reasons behind it, not just skill level.

correct, games are for fun, so why spoil with higher difficulty. Easy Mode is My preferred choice

If it`s a game I love, I will put in the time and work up to top difficulty. But in general, I`m not a skilled gamer.

Doesnt matter as long as you enjoy the game.

Shout out to all of our Reader Mode Spartans. It doesnt matter how you get there, we are just happy you do.

Yes, enjoy the game and storyline and move on.

True, but this depends on the game that you`re playing! If the game is considered `easy` or for rookies/amateurs and you play it on the lowest difficulty, then most likely people will laugh at you because of this stupid/childish reason.

Someone finally understands us Its like knocking a baby then telling everybody youve knocked someone out before.

Beating a crying kid is still beating aomeone

Starting the game on lowest difficulty is still starting the game.

No wonder PlayStation is BETTER

Thank you that makes me feel better

I mean higher difficulty mostly means bullet sponge high damage enemies, not smarter enemies. Waste of time really.

Exactly as long as the person is having fun

This is what I tell myself anyway....

YES!! And it`s all the fun without the frustration and the destroying of the controller and punching of the walls and the glavin!

Lovely This is why FromSoftware doesnt make games for you

Yet only challenge breeds excellence. And I crave that challenge.

Of course but beating a game in a hight difficult it is a personal and general archivement too! Enjoy the videogames and life good people .

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. has only one difficulty... Stalker.

And gives you a chance to look for hidden items and secrets

Except of course if the developers have created different and more ex-/inclusive endings for different difficulties

Thank you! There`s a few games I play on easy to keep the flow and pace going. I`m only entertaining myself so who cares what others think.

And well done for it Lovely Damn I guess my definition of a great game is wrong then. Dark souls. Ninja Gaiden. Bloodborne. Sekiro.

I sometimes play 15% of the game as almost a tutorial, working on the mechanics. Then I restart my play through when I almost understand everything.

But I want challenge daddy

ok but yes some games shouldn`t have different difficulties because some games are meant to be hard some games just aren`t met for everyone and that is okay

I save difficulty for pvp. If I play story mode, I most likely want story.

Lovely So you mean From Software games and not great eh

Games do have easy mode for a reason.

I conquered Sheltered got most Days Survived in Normal Mode. So this BigBoiSpyro dissed/congratulated my achievement of besting a dead game so, now Im conquering Sheltered on Hard Mode. Guess who currently holds the Hard Mode Most Days Survived? BigBoiSpyro (for now)

Also the fastest way to get through the storyline.

Low difficulty aka almost impossible for game journalists.

Its all up to what you enjoy, some game to relax, others to challenge themselves - difficulty + fun are both subjective - whats more difficult is having to put up with elitist, jerk gamers who cant let others enjoy whatever they want to without hearing them put others down.

not with uncharted 4

Whatever allows you to sleep at night

thankyou i typically only play hard games during breaks because the rest of the time im busy with studying and cant dedicate enough time to it

I like this. This made me happy. Its 4:00 in the morning. End me.

What prompted this tweet? Why xbox felt the need to state the obvious lol

Not 100% true. Games like Killer Instinct for the SNES or Double Dragon 2 on the NES doesnt let you end the game if you play it on the easiest dificulty.

Remove the hard mode plz end of the debate then

9th? I`m trying to kill a from software boss for 49th attempt

Dam who raised you, winning is winning but winning on the highest difficulty is strictly use to tell you friends how much better you are than them.

True. The game may be blindfolded with both hands tied behind its back, but you`re still beating it.

Yes. Everybody needs to start low

That may be... But ever since Achievements became a thing y`all are killing me with those Hard Mode, No Mistakes/Deaths and No Saves/Speed-Runs

Playing games on the lowest difficulty is fine, playing games on the hardest difficulty is fine, some people like challenge and some dont. You dont get to decide how someone has fun!!

I used to play Halo on legendary for achievements, then play through on easy to enjoy the game. Now I work too many hours, so it`s easy and normal all the way. Just so I can enjoy the game.

If u dont have any exemptionsu want rich any point.u should know that so we expect motivation not excuse

At that point its more like watching a movie than actually playing. IMO, the options should be phrased as: 1) Story mode 2) [the name of the game] mode 3) challenge yourself mode(s) *Terms like "easy" suck the life out of the game experience

Dark souls, Demon souls, Bloodbourne, Nioh and Sekiro take note

Play games you want to play, how you want to play them. Its all entertainment at the end of the day. If i wanna bang my head against the wall perfecting that run. Getting the fastest time or 100%ing that 150 hr game. If i wanna chill on a new genre, game world etc. So be it.

What about beating the game with cheats?

Only if you start again on heroic straight after.

I used to play on normal, but having 3 young kids, a full time job and a home to look after on top of an embarrassing backlog that cover Xbox, Playstation, and PC, I play on easy to try and get through it. I`ve literally just finished RDR1 on Series X (which was beautiful BTW)

Guess none of yall tried scrutinized

I have never completed a game on hard. It`s meantally difficult and my little mind can`t handle it. Casual gaming all the way. Stick it on easy and enjoy the ride!

Took me many years to learn this. Ive just recently accepted lowering the difficulty if it means enjoying the game more and actually finishing it.

But what about those sweet sweet achievements!?

Yeah and it gives you the opportunity to mess around more

technically yes, but i consider it as "playing" and not truly "beating" it.

But what if its alien: isolation with a kinect; hard mode or not, you`ll still get caught Wheres the challenge in that?

Always play my games on the lowest difficulty setting if there is a choice and not ashamed of it. I play games to enjoy them not to get very frustrated and angry.

that`s finishing it. beating it is at least normal

Running 100 meters in 5 minutes is still running 100 meters, but it`s not gonna get you into the Olympics.

And you decide when youve completed the game

You`re either asking for trouble or mock fest with this tweet.

Unless it`s Doom Eternal, then you`ve just been humped by the Marauder

nah this why xbox not the real gamers

Unless the true ending is hidden behind the higher difficulty. Like street fighter 2

Yeah take resident evil village for example inplayed through easy a few times to get a feel for it then started doing village of shadows difficulty. Easy or hard doesn`t matter as long as you are enjoying the game.

I like to put my games on very hard so I can simulate my own life

see I`m onto something

Yeah and enjoying the game and scenery in it. So you can take time to look what they all worked on instead of being massacred by AI lol

I dont agree with that My regards.

Well...Yes games are supposed to be fun not intimidating

.. and I took that personal.

But beating a game on the hardest difficulty is a achievement

Not if you`re playing Golden Axe. Real ones know...

Sometimes you just want to immerse yourself in the story without stress

Hmmm don`t know about that one chief

beating the game on the highest difficulty is the best experience in the world

True, but defnitely you get a better sense of reward when you complete it in the hardest difficulty

Experiencing the art is still experiencing the art no matter how you decided to tailor your own personal experience of it. If you have to put on your glasses to look at a painting, it doesnt matter. Its just nice that you were able to experience it.

I just find everything so hard, long live the easy/casual setting

Gotta disagree go hard or go home

I play for story, not for combat. Also, my controller drifts, so easy all the way :)

Games without difficulty options are the best IMO

Not true u have to beat it with 1 life on hardest difficultly only truly then have u beat the game

Depends on the game I usually do medium so at the end of the game when its harder its not that crazy

Please stop. Beating the game on highest difficulty needs skill and proper understanding of the game`s mechanics. Easy difficulty is for Basic People who lack skill and intellect.

Unless of course you can`t beat the game on easy cos it locks you out of progression. Which is a garbage way of getting someone to play on other difficulties. Also i hope the whole mocking people for playing on easy in the games themselves goes away too.

Even though I`m not a skilled gamer I always put the game on the hardest difficulty settings. And then I complain about the game being hard to beat

There is absolutely no shame beating the game easy mode because helps you to learn and understand the gameplay and it helps you to improve

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