Because I see you`re really enjoying your exclusives

July 19, 2021, 5:18 pm
Because I see you`re really enjoying your exclusives
Because I see you`re really enjoying your exclusives XbotsFakeStandards

Yeah, it`s like a common Paris Hiltonesque technique of believing that jackasses take a while to take down. Also, making that Xbox tweet on it`s own was quite a negative action, so kudos :D

Hahaha, dayum, that`s just... Bad... It`s plain bad XD

Will they be on PC? Then there is no reason to have an Xbox

Okay that was pretty funny

Why dont you look at prior Elder Scrolls and Fallout know the games hes referencing in his tweet?

I mean it`s a weird argument. They start throwing around the xbox ecosystem a lot more as well. Like G, I get that you are desperate to defend your favorite piece of plastic but getting a series X by that definition is poor since it has no exclusives. Pc on the other hand...

Is that his gtag? I seen nothing that proves its his

Hey stalker, MSFT FS isn`t even out for another week, do some research at least. People wonder why I tell em to kick rocks when they ask for my GT. Weirdos, especially the ponies.

This has become a pattern already it seems. Is there someone hiring this xbox trolls?

Xbox fans dont play games, what`s new here?

Because apparently achievements take precedent over enjoying a game

Yo!! Shot that man right in the gamerscore

man am i happy i went with ps5 this gen!

You xbots make me laugh tryna play victim when ur xbot buds get exposed to the fullest aherdaherdaherd

xbox aherdaherdaherd

Xbox fanboys dont play games

Its all about the Bethesda games for this guy Everyone knows Bethesda games play best on PC. Gotta have unofficial patches. Who is gonna fix their games?

You got triggered off a random post and resorted to stalking profiles...and posting peoples business lol Really tryharding today arent we?

So this is what it comes down to? Stalking people on different platforms? That`s pretty low. How old are you? Your pfp has I beard so I`d think u would be more mature than this.

Someone needs to tell them all Xbox games in general will be available day 1 on all ps consoles, phones, tablets and laptops through xcloud on browsers and for free as well on PlayStation, you wont miss a single game no matter who its made by

These clowns dont play games lol Thats why I dont take them seriously

Ok so just wait for god of war ;

If people are gonna be a fanboy over their plastic box. At least have a decent score or something or don`t fanbiy over exclusive games at all. It`s simply not worth it.

And by his logic, he wasted unnecessary time by finger wagging at you in a Tweet as well. I mean, he could have just kept scrolling

we dont play games over here.. move on sir!

Facts alot of bots don`t play there own games or even play there 1st party multiplayer & always saying were playstation multiplayer games, bots be trash in there own games

He hasnt even played Halo

Do you guys play for trophies? Xd. We don`t.

1.We dont even know if Starfield is even worth bragging about yet. 2. Elder Scrolls 6 is probably not dropping until like 2026 PS exclusives are normally GOTY winners/nominees. Havent seen that type of quality from Xbox in a very long time.

Youre kinda weird for goin as deep to go look at all the games they played screenshot it then post it and laugh at them after you took time out your day to do all that unnecessary shit

His lies? What lies?

@braveC0417 I mean the "you" as people in general btw

This is some desperation here. Look, Ive stalked his game score to make myself feel better. The real clown is the one scouring gamer scores for clout

Bro I have more trophies than his gamer score

It`s always funny when this happens. Lmfao gets called out for their hypocrisy, leaves the chat.

Except you`re going out of your way to "clown on xbots".

Like what you just did?

Alao want to point out MFS isn`t out so they can`t have gamerscore for it.

But I bet you they have 100% completion on Bethesda titles. They showed their passion for them in the tweet, not Halo, Forza, or Gears Of War. Also what is this Facebook in 2010? Looking up profiles to make fun of people? Get a life loser.

No its okay, i can take the hate. I am used to humanity thanks anyways

Just wait until mid 2022 sir!

Caught at 120 FPS

Another fake gamer xbot exposed! ol lawd

Well we can maybe both agree that this "really doesent matter" i know why U did it and i am not attacking you directly and i wouldnt Even if you were to. The guy promoting Xbox also shouldnt have done what he did. But as i have Said, i just dont see a point to doing this

He`ll be waiting for 6 or 8 years maybe 5 for one of them Now i`m just having fun seeing all these people replying.. my timeline is usually dead so it`s giving me entertainment lol

Two of these are remasters over 5 years old and ones currently only on PC...

the REAL players do not have time to be toxic on the Intenet

Why do people need to go look other people up just to feel good about themselves or to make others laugh at another human individual? Isnt the world a shitty enough place outside of Twitter, Facebook and so on?

Yall do too much for some giggles, a circlejerk and an I told you so They`re so fake at this point they may be Phil Spencer`s fake accounts lmao

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