Bethesda -> Xbox Loading █████████▒░ 85% https://t

January 30, 2021, 6:27 am
Bethesda -> Xbox Loading █████████▒░ 85% https://t
Bethesda -> Xbox Loading 85%

Thank you

Im just want wolfenstein 2 coming out in gamepass

Do you know who made this? It`s pretty cool tbf

Thank you for the beautiful screen saver

mr axbox can you peas make fallout new vegas 2

I need this as one photo, asap

Im so hyped for the elderscrolls VI

Dont showcase New Vegas. They act like that one didnt happen

I play Xbox but please dont make all the games from now on Xbox exclusives, the PlayStation stans are as petty as it is

When will there be some news about EA Play coming to GamePass on PC? It was supposed to happen over a month ago and we have not heard anything yet.

Please have some good exclusives this generation Xbox. I want an actual reason to buy an Xbox Series X.

The only thing Im hoping for with New Vegas is a remaster. Id rather them not make a sequel, I guarantee if they did itll fall under the Failed sequels list, plus its better to polish an old game than to make a new one. Retouching assets vs. remaking them are vital too.

It`s been 5 hours, is it done loading yet?

Why`d you have to split the image into 4? It looks soo good.

Need this in a full picture please

Please add WWE games in game pass please and when will ubisost comes to game pass.

The elders scroll VI!! PLSSSS

Elder scrolls in 2026. Long time but I`m super excited

When`s fallout 4 getting added back to gamepass? Bought the season pass and used to have game on disc. Now I`ve just got a season pass and a desire to play the game with no desire to buy incase you bring it back the week after

Kinda confused but o k

Was the deal just finalized?

Cmon baby give us new vegas 2 we need some good exclusives cmon baby dont dissapoint

My only hope is that they will give the Fallout Universe back in the hands of Obsidian. Or at least let them take important roles. Please Bethesda don`t screw up TES VI

I need this as a full wallpaper hot damn

I think my skyrim crashed again, its been loading for hours

Just come Bethesda hehe

Really hoping for a Fallout New Vegas remaster...

When is the deal official?

Can we get a new engine for fallout and elder Scrolls now?

Soon deal is finished

Bring all Bethesda content to Game Pass

Those are already-self-made games

Hopefully everything drops on Game Pass asap

look at the pics they`re awesome


Will be the deal finish in february?

Those are some EPIC graphics

Wait the deal is almost done or what

When is the deal officially done?

I want Doom guy Skin in Gears 5 multiplayer

whats the game in the first picture, the assassins creed looking dude

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