Bgm giveaway follow rt

August 2, 2021, 1:52 am
Bgm giveaway follow rt
BGM giveaway Follow RT Introduce yourself or just let me see them PNGs Ends August 10th Sample below (Winner will get looped version) ENVtuber Vtuber VTuberUprising VtuberEN GiveawayAlert

The name is Kotaru and I`m a genderless android Vtuber! I love to play games and make people laugh~ Thanks for the chance! Repost cuz twitter messed up the transparency :( Hey~ its Grimmori with the giveaway Dont mind the barista with a thing for the moon and stars I will just leave this here Hello nice to meet ya I`m Shiela your cat senpai who loves pizza and milktea Just a simple pirate fox known as the Captain of a fearsome warship called "the Burning Vixen" who is in love with streaming singleplayer story based games such as the Yakuza series, not the most interesting fox out there, but I try to make it worth your time if you do stop by! Hello! I`m Nyanako, and I`m a trash kitty (totally not an opossum!!!) Hewoooo! Im a no! Im not a cat! even if I look like one, but its because I dont have my power so Ye. Im Rangda! Normally I look different, but somehow I lost my power and end up here in this world and i dont know why Im looking like this Ngh.. Hello, my name is Candy and I`m a white tanuki. I`m still trying to learn how transform into a human but trying my best to do so! I`m Dai Shima a magical boy and I vibe with people over tea every sunday and I invite my mutuals to join me to chat about whatever. It is always a comfy and fun time. I also play games, do scuffed art, and soon I will start doing cooking streams. Names Kesno. Whats happenin Hello~! I`m Emi, a sleepy snail working at a magical bakery! My goal is to share all my favourite rpg horror games and to make lots of friends in the community! Thank you for the chance, Grimmori! I`m Zealothia, a Monster Bat! I`m a shapeshifter but this is my usual form. Some would say they saw me drinking blood, but those are baseless rumours, I assure you! I stream on twitch every friday and saturday, usually games and art <3 Hello!! :3 Am Hunnie, beargirl but really wanna beecome a bee! Thank you for giveaway, and goodluck to everybee!! Hello there! My name is Akinorus, the Sommelier Dragon. And I would love to win this so that my Pianist can play this in the tasting room. He does need to learn more music after all. I`m your friendly succubus with the cute lewd rude slogan coming to make your day better <3 Bubbly and very talkactive I`m usually very supportive and play weird games or just interact with the chat. streaming , oshi marks and some style preview

Nya~ anime powers activate? Im Yumiko, a tavern kitty trying to make the world a better place! I wanna make lots of good friends! I was created by two deities merging together to create me Nya~ I think bgms are such a cool idea for vtubers!!! Hoihoi~ I`m Horacchi, but ya can call me Hora! I`m a bat vtuber with high levels of thembo energy and a love for naps and tasty snacks~ I absolutely adore spooky things and cozy vibes - content wise I play all kinds of games along with digital art and live2d rigging! Hello! It`s your favorite magical girl here thank you for the opportunity! WADDAP!!! My name is Xoovi and Im a BEETuber!! I like games n curry n dinosaurs and I really not like the texture of bananas. Greetings. Just your run of the mill VHS themed eldritch monster with an affinity for anime and horror movies. Lets be friends before I have to get the clamps. Hello! I`m starson, the consentacle friendtacle! I`m a big ttrpg player and love horror! hello i am sneux ! a Ghoul-demon Hybrid whos mostly dysfunctional because i struggles with many things. im gloomy and open minded u3u btw nice to meet ya !
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