Birb announcement the first birb ama is

July 26, 2021, 1:46 am
Birb announcement the first birb ama is
BIRB ANNOUNCEMENT The first $BIRB AMA is coming July 27 at 11PM UTC Time. Ask us any questions in the comments & one of our founders will answer as many as he can! A 1,000 BIRB prize will be given to one of the comments! BIRB BIRBARMY BSCGems DeFi

BIRB shows a significant price increase despite only a few days being listed on the exchange, how does your team convince investors not to hesitate to have BIRB even though the current price is high? And Will BIRB be listed on the next exchange? please explain, thank you

I`ve seen a lot of Rugpulls and Scam projects in Crypto Space nowadays. What makes you think We should trust your project in the first place? How are you going to gain your investors` complete trust?

When lambo ? When moon ? Just kidding , my question is according to the whitepaper , birb can be send through social platform such as twitter , facebook , twitch and etc . How`s the user without the crypto wallet able to store the coin ?

What should offer something for both short term investors and long term hodlers. Whats being offered to holdlers that makes them not to sell and still have faith in the token?

At this moment, which one the most Necessary for your project.. -Investors -Development -Community -Market/Exchange and why?

How does your project distinguish itself compare to the competitors? Like what is the unique aspect about the project?

what inspired you to name Birb from this project? BIRB BIRBARMY BSCGems DeFi

Strong birb hodler!Cannot wait!

Can u tell about birb planing in future and how you manage and develope birb community to be big , thanks you

What makes BIRB different to other projects that will catch the attention of any investor? Birb $BIRB

Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions. Q. How do developers deal with and anticipate trading using bots, which can be detrimental to manual trading? BIRB BIRBARMY BSCGems DeFi

What security measures did you adopt from hacks and bugs in smart contracts? Has Birb done an audit to make your smart contracts secure?

Is BIRB handled by an experienced team and developers? Can you tell us more about the background of the team and developers on this BIRB project? BIRB BIRBARMY BSCGems DeFi

I have always liked BIRB, I would like to ask what anonymous transactions can be completed in Q4? I`m looking forward to it!

I`ve always liked BIRB, and I hope I`ll be lucky to win 1000 BIRB this time.

I have a question for the $BIRB game portal: will you be developing your own game titles or will it be more like a hub for other companies to stand on? If so, can you share any info as to which game studios/ companies are coming on board? Thanks!

A project requires very large funds. And your team is financially capable to carry out this project. Can you tell us how your project benefits the community and investors? What technical problems have you encountered before, can you tell us how you managed or overcome them?

Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and there are many new platforms under development. So what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have plans to grow there?

NFT is getting more and more popular now. NFT seems to have a bright future. So do you have any plans to incorporate NFT into your project? BIRB BIRBARMY BSCGems DeFi

Your project looks good but it confuses me that there are many other Blockchain projects. What should I pay attention to about your project to give it the importance it deserves? What do you plan to achieve with your project? Can you explain that? BIRB

How does the $BIRB works on Shopify and sending on social media platform?, and what exactly private transaction use? do BIRB will have their own mainnet?

My question What is the meaning of your project? Why do you think the name $BIRB makes sense for your project? Please explain in detail. And are there any new exchanges that will be listed soon? BIRB BIRBARMY BSCGems DeFi Thankyou

Will you create an NFT card market?

can BIRB developer create android game like Angry Bird, Flappy Bird etc? if the user win max points, they get BIRB tokens, like play to earn system but just don`t copy Angry and Flappy concept, you can create whack a mole concept like this This token has several different usecases (game portal, NFT marketplace, e-commerce payments, birbswap etc.) Which feature are you most excited about and why?

BIRB Send it...

Q. The Covid-19 pandemic season is debilitating economies around the world. What does the Defi project do to motivate and educate members of the Defi community to survive in the Defi community?? BIRB BIRBARMY BSCGems DeFi

Any plan to launch staking , mining and yield farming $BIRB ?

My question is? In this first release $ BIRB loves how high you can fly little bird to help us for the benefit to all, both to those who take care of us as we want to be part of this wonderful family of Bird? I hope you fly very high and land in my wallet friend!

Where to post the question?

$BIRB Faith is the Bird that sings when the dawn is still dark Bring light to my wallet, bird friend Blessings 1,000 $BIRB BIRB BIRBARMY BSCGems DeFi Excellent family I hope to win My question: in recent months, the market situation is unstable $BTC the effect is really felt. for the team and marketing, are you ready for this, so that whales and investors want to join your project, and what are the next steps for your team $BIRB? thank u

Puffed, who would win in an arm wrestle, you or What are your plans for other listing

Holding a big nest of How do you see the project within 1 year? What are your ultimate short-term goals?

Buying BIRB before July 27th is like buying BTC back when it was $100.

I`ll throw out a light fun question: What`s the teams favourite $BIRB? I see a lot of Budgies but I assume there are some others.

imagine a world where i win a second prize from birb

BIRB BOSS!!! BSCGem BSC BIRBARMY Binance PancakeSwap ApeSwap BinanceSmartChain BNB BSC Coingecko newcoins astronaut moon CoinMarketCap
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