Bragging about using an iPhone is the weakest flex

July 11, 2022, 7:52 am
Bragging about using an iPhone is the weakest flex
Bragging about using an iPhone is the weakest flex ever.

Been using iPhones since 2013 and won`t brag but fone features service menu are the best . I wouldn`t get offended if anyone brags about it

Well we`re in a 3rd world continent of Africa. The capital of POVERTY. An iPhone is a big deal. Let people flex . It`s their hard earned cash they`re flexing with. That`s why only the weaker brag about it.

Twitter for This must be an android user

This tweet again ? I give up

Its not a flex its a standard of living for those who are familiar/accustom to the product as a choice of options

Like, dude It wouldnt be flaunting if it was something they accomplished and worked hard for. People are all on different stages of life.

People who uses iPhone dont brag about them lets be honest

You are very right its like bragging about all other life necessities. Calling from an i Phone and all other phone brands will still get the same purpose of communication fulfilled. Our backgrounds expose us.

You can say that again, there was a twitter saying we like bragging about alcohol, brands and Konka yet other races buy cars and houses cash. Let`s normalise to build ourselves with Assets. Stop flexing with useless things that lose the value . I am not fighting akere

Bt a 13 pro max has that thing

iPhone clearly living in your head Rent Free When last did people do that?

Sadly those who brag they use iPhones for pix and Instagram and of course WhatsApp

Probably unrelated Right now, I just don`t care about strength ratings. I just wan dey.

Using an iPhone is not nice what is this

Inferiority disordered or just needed comments nd likes ADD no joke ke sono shem u just marked IPhone without any compassion buy dont hate

It`s nice to use an iPhone. I`d brag about that all day everyday lol.

Wuhhh but ke Ive used android for the longest time and was due for an upgrade then decided to try iphone just because people are always hyping it. I must say, I get what the hype is about iPhone just makes your life simpler, IDK how but it just does

Well not my buz. They can brag all day but definitely a funny thing to do

Bragging about anything is weird. Period.

Please leave this table the way it is...

Is it even a flex!? I guess it`s personal preference!

All the likes came from an android.....

They find it difficult to even buy a cover afraid it will interfere with the logo

As an iPhone user I agree!

Says an Android user

Ill add a few to that. Designer clothes Designer bags Partner/Parents wealth Qualifications (i still dont get this one actually) Watches Bragging in general is weak. But theres a few that are okay i guess.

come see this also check for me there if it says Twitter for iPhone

I`ve always wondered why people flex with iPhones as if it`s a huge achievement, can someone with an iPhone pls explain why.

Imagine buying an expensive Iphone just to take cool pictures and flex mxk

Look for us it comes natural, we dont have to bragg about it, its in us

Some of our cars only compatible to iPhone charging ports no usb

What is it that an IPhone can do that an android can`t?

Bruh, tell me about it

No one really brags about having an iPhone, its Android users who have a problem with iPhone users

Then stop asking for it to snap pictures

But..still a flex. Haha Im just trolling. Idk why I still have an iPhone. Guess Im just use to walking in there and getting one cause it aint cause they special anymore haha

I never understand the flex

dat`s more lyk bragging abt ukdliwa yi celeb when u hv nothing but yo worn out coochie to show 4 it Lol we still having phone competitions in 2022? That sh*t is old

I`m with you on this one! Whts so amazing about owning an iPhone really. Some things pple rate as the best things leave me wondering!

We`re on the same internet. On the field, those discussions don`t really happen. Too many things going on than i vs android- unless you`re getting paid from either

Says an android user

And you cant be bragging ele mama le papa bao reketseng yone

twitter for android

Yeah Geez Our Androids Tweet Juss Az Good Y`know

Who does that nw days

Rent free, must be an obsession Yeah true, rich ppl don`t brag like that, coz for us that`s the smallest assets ever hahah

I use one but its not more to bragging..its what the phone can do more to a bionic chip and what i can process to the tools and apps i use

Twitter for android

Let me try if this works haha..whats my signature on this tweet

should start specifying the type of models we use, for example (tweet from iPhone 13 Pro Max) the same with Androids etc, so we can see what people are really flexin about, plus this will mean good business for twitter as it will boost sales in flagships

You sound like you use an android

And to think that is giving young ones pressure only to shoot photos

The weakest I concur

Laag Americans hardly say anything about iPhones, it just be sum cats from Africa

Bragging in general

Usually said by those who do not own an iphone and thats okay we dont expect you to understand. We also love your Android for you no hate here

Like maths lit students constantly trying to validate themselves against pure maths students

They gone try to say you broke because of this tweet.

Third world struggles

The trick is hello, bye bye.

Twitter for Android

You know were the danger is Shame she hates her android. U wish to own one musa ukuba bitter girl

But I bought them cash nje

People still do that?

Ive been an android user for years. But truth be told iPhone is the best aint gonna argue

Maybe the noise will settle . I am iPhone 13 max user. Re tlo heleng tuu! We dont sleep at night. We work extra hard

It`s just like bragging that PO will win the general elections

Android so many more apps. Never an iPhone again. Any free sport apps for iphone?

please subscribe

Whats the beef between android and iPhone users. I used both and each have certain good qualities

Well, you tweeted about it

Do pple still do that

What if it`s an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 1tb though?

Kaore wena you dont have

Reminds me of the 60s crew bragging about home sound system in the 90s in their back rooms

My fellow people bragging about debit orders and installments

Says Android squad Wena are you bragging about using private jets or millions in the bank?

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