Buy the Dip? do you still keep $juld ?

September 14, 2021, 2:40 am
Buy the Dip? do you still keep $juld ?
Buy the Dip?

do you still keep $juld ? long time no see you mentioned?

top 10 best NFT game proprojeon BSC, incuded staking gacha. faraland_io@faraland_io WeLoveFaraland Top10MVB BinanceSmartChain GameNFT PlayToEarn Metaverse

Stay tuned and hold your Fara FaraStarterLaunchpad BinanceSmartChain GameFi PlayToEarn Metaverse Faraland

Buy $FARA in the Dip Faraland WeLoveFaraland NFTs Metaverse BSCGems KingOfGameFi FaraStarterLaunchpad Of am buying the $CRX.

Buy what ? Your sight

Buy CARD, buy CARD. Hunny gods of war Definitely ..sweet to buy your favorite alts at discount. Got some $AWC and $RARA tokens

You can possibly make a passive income by staking $KEX or even your NFT are welcome to the network if you want to be staked, $KEX is giving you so many options to make money

Of course. Buying more $Rose here.

interesting.. but i stay in the WE army WE with 0% fee

Yes. Eat the dip cause the last dip konge is ever going to experience is at current price. Go bag more now and screenshot this tweet. You be grateful to me in next few months. konge kongefi AslanKonge

Buy the Dip bag more keep your bag full with konge start building your dream future today kongefi AslanKonge

Oh yes, is one Dip you want to scoop up NOW!! We only going to the Moon hey, wana join? Buy now then. aslankonge KongeFi KONGE BSC BSCGem

Buy the dip on AsIanKonge. You`ll love it! AsIanKonge KongeFI Konge

Seeing what projects like are currently running with gradual growth to those investing safely. Free from rugpulls. crx cryptEx

I definitely did. Scooped up the slight $lead and $avax dips unapologetically. These bear traps will only last for a moment, and we will soon get back on the bullish ways for these tokens. LeadWallet WalletOfTheFuture

Dip are for buying, I am buying more $BLES dip. has partnered with Cryption Network for Staking Pools and Dapp Integration For users in the BLES ecosystem this partnership paves the way for novel and streamlined onramps to the marketplace and launchpad. Buy and hold FREEcoin

Buying $CWS of SeascapeNetwork A totally good investment Crypto blockchain

Yes, I bought the dip of my favourite token; the $WISE token of being a project that Bridges the gap between devs, investors, platforms & users which help developers to focus more on building product & less on marketing, it will definitely do well

Sure ,Im excited I bought the dip on $OGN before the whales swallowed it .. Now Im holding and looking at the future with loads of optimism

You could buy to give the opportunity to some Altcoins, most are having a good performance but if you want to continue holding it is also valid

Wouldnt like to bag the best coin thats pumping real hard afen come be part of its great community

Go bag the best coin thats pumping afen its potentials speak for itself

This is the perfect time to bag afen dont joke with this altcoin project cos its got great potentials

Go bag afen now its about to hit the moon Dont sleep on it

Buying only $SWG dip

Stacking my bags with $SWG dip

I just bought $SWG dip and I`m still buying more before it`s moons

Hell yeah. Loading up on $ADAX right now! No dips will stop me from loading up, can still get a 10x from here and beyond! $ADA DeFi Buying all the dips I can get on $RARA of also staking it to maximize the full potential of my funds in their decentralized mining pool. DeFi Crx Blockchain Cryptocurrency I bought more $ROSE announced to list $ROSE announced that Parcel is live on Oasis Network mainnet. It`ll lead to data privacy and data tokenization during the bull run I`m waiting for the $PULSE IDO because the initial market cap of the will be just a few million dollars. The first healthcare project on the will make it possible to make secure medical data management for all. $REI one year prediction 20$. I bet you 10K

Bought more $DOGO, $WSG and WHENLAMBO thx

Sure , I bought $BNB and $CVP , wanted to also ape into $LTC but later found out about the walmart news been fake

Buy $EZ by Off-chain Labs launched the second layer of the mainnet on Aug. 31. (Less than two weeks ago) which followed a $120 million funding round. Arbitrum currently owns 65.7% of the entire equity. Arbitrum One is the future! I`m stacking up my bag with $MAHA. World`s first valued coin. is cooking something great, I can smell some greens.

$ROWAN $ArGo $SCRT All ripe for buying

Yeah but the $AFEN dip. Thats what you should go for.

$AFEN dip today but a bullish tomorrow.

The only dip my money is and would continue to go into is $AFEN Strong project coming through

Im buying and adding up my $AFEN to my wallet the door would pump surely.

Today is a very big race, it is an opportunity to take more $ROSE at a good price, pay attention OasisNetwork

Buy the one dip thats a sure win win $AFEN. with its always a win win

It doesn`t matter for me because I can play games on blockchain and earn money for it The latest gem in this space is for me, its upcoming launch will be huge no doubt ElfinKingdom is the 2.0 upgraded version of Axie Infinity

Yeah,am getting massively behind BSCDEFI considering that $CAKE has the largest position in BSCDEFI on with 40% where I can earn 120%APR in $CAKE when staking BSCDEFI/BNB pair of LP tokens. Good time to buy and hold gems with potentials like $NWC always but the dip, because of that I am earning pretty well in $NEXO.

$HMNG $HEGG Buy more use Bagging $MUSE, an asset with great potentials & real use cases, not minding the dip. I am closing monitoring a project that`s not yet launched which will use blockchain tech to enable seamless movement of in-game assets from one Metaverse to another. $ARC

$1000 in Cardano ADA to a random person just Follow and Like

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