Buy your games physically, and never allow anyone to

July 13, 2022, 12:17 pm
Buy your games physically, and never allow anyone to
Buy your games physically, and never allow anyone to deny you access to what you paid to own. Owning what you bought should be the bare minimum of expectations. PlayStation PS5 Nintendo Xbox

What about all the PSX, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita games I own? I bought these physically, and never allowed anyone to deny access to what I paid to own. Then my original consoles died. Now what?

Physical all the way not a fan of the Gamepass model

This is why I still buy physical 1. Old school like having discs and cases, 2. Got burned by buying digital to many times.

Buying the games physically is not an answer aymore today, a single patch and bye.

On xbox physical wont matter. Its either the data on disk cant hold full game and will require download or the game is attach to smart delivery which requires download too.

In some cases this isn`t true. The physical copy of Halo Infinite doesn`t actually have the game on the disc for example.

No thanks they explain why

Not true for series x tho

to me. switch still superior though. if u have decent pc. ps exclusive is no longer exclusive. for xbox fable i think they have great potential, and for Elder Scroll, iwont put great expectacion to bethesda again after Fallout76

I would buy physical on Xbox if they actually put the complete game on there, but nope gotta download the rest of the game online

I`m not out here telling you how to buy your games.

No thanks, That situation was rectified so everyone can cancel their crusade

I hiss all on external disk and when they block my access to them I break the console software

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