Camera design evolution of #Apple vs #Samsung S series:

July 10, 2021, 5:18 pm
Camera design evolution of #Apple vs #Samsung S series:
Camera design evolution of Apple vs Samsung S series:

Eww Galaxy S20 series are the worst designed phones that ive ever seen (rocking with my 12 Pro Max!)

which camera is better, the iPhone XR or the X ??

The S8 is the best looking amoung the Samsung`s

Consistency is why Apple is successful. Samsung introduces a revolutionary camera in s9 and it disappears in succeeding models. This clearly shows samsung is having great r&d but lacks vision.

S10 had the best one.

the s20 is the worst looking samsung

And I`m the best of them right?

12 pro max is gigantic.

iPhone 11 is supposed to be pro max as well, and s9 should be s9+ too

One thing to note all the iPhone camera bump designs are curved whereas Samsung camera bump design just kinda looks like boxy ( just according to me )

1st Samsung win 2nd iPhone win 3rd draw 4th iPhone win 5th Samsung win My personal opinion. Design is subjective

stages of mitosis I hate the iPhone 6 and S20 Ultra back design

Thats not an accurate representation of the s9 camera. S9 only has one camera

Just waiting for Samsung to go for the horizontal design once again lol

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