Can you guess what my next Passthrough #MixedReality experiment

August 16, 2021, 1:49 am
Can you guess what my next Passthrough #MixedReality experiment
Can you guess what my next Passthrough MixedReality experiment is going to be about? OculusQuest2

Gotcha, thanks again. Really appreciate it, enjoy the rest of your weekend

Thanks for elaborating! Did you integrate OpenCV to detect that its a keyboard, or just the location of the rectangle / quad where the effect should overlay?

The tracking seems very stable, cant wait to see what type of musical training app you are building.

Can`t say for sure to be honest, but I know the apps are built using Unity3D and the MIDI support is introduced into the app through one of the many Unity MIDI plugins. My educated guess would be that the plugins themselves are built on Android`s MIDI API since it`s OS-level.

Can confirm Quest supports MIDI over bluetooth just as good as any new Android phone would. There is already a couple of piano apps on Quest with Bluetooth MIDI functionality.

This will be too hard to setup for casual user.. but for demo this might work out!

@fedshch What you described is also possible. This is what many of these learn piano apps do. Ill check what solution would be the easiest to implement.

Now we can do particles from the buttons, haha. Really, it is possible to locate button by sound? Does fb allow to analyse mic feed?

How are you getting the data of "where is the real keyboard"?


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