Can you imagine being this person? I literally cannot

September 22, 2021, 11:51 am
Can you imagine being this person? I literally cannot
Can you imagine being this person? I literally cannot.

I`m all for representation in games and such but... What? Chicken soup????? I don`t have words I`m just disappointed. (This person does not represent LGBTQ+)

Just add a cup of chicken soup skin if you truly care about diversity. Seriously though, game looks lovely.

I am sure he wanted to say: "Help me i am trapped in this right wing body and mind and i am forced to hate anyone!"

Fielding reviews and threads like this about the playable cast of Assault Android Cactus being women has pretty much driven me to make all my characters women going forward just to spite these people. I like that they want to play our games enough that it bothers them.

Same. Apparently vile attacks are okay. Being called the r word is okay, using the r word is also okay

I don`t think they care or moderate their reviews at all

IMHO and I will stand with this refunding a game should never allow u to review it. If u want to leave a negative review that`s fine but it should be for sth u paid for.

It hurts when you pour your heart and soul into a thing, then somebody does this. The best thing to do to is to make sure you don`t carry the weight of negativity that people like this carry around.

wait, what? That`s so cringe.

As an apache helicopter, I am appalled!

Based on that response I`m inclined to believe they actually are a can of soup, or at least as smart as one.

what brand of can of chicken soup is able to have intelligent thoughts, let alone operate a computer? pretty sure i would want to avoid this brand. i don`t like to eat things that are alive and sentient.

Some people are just messed up, and it shows.

Its truly shocking that theres men out there like this wasting oxygen. I could never

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