-Choose one: Apple or Samsung? Challenge Question: In your

December 19, 2021, 10:13 pm
-Choose one: Apple or Samsung? Challenge Question: In your
-Choose one: Apple or Samsung? Challenge Question: In your opinion, What area is the device you chose better than the other? Explain??

At least you can unlock the bootloader of a samsung... (remembers fold 3 fiasco) well, usually.

Samsung, iPhone did not offer any features that grab my attention. From lack of customization, useless keyboard, the 3 year old notch, and dumb setting system makes me avoid it. All the great built quality is not enough for me. And yes, it`s about my needs.

I will give it to Samsung when it comes to the Tab series if you want something that can be used like a laptop and utilize Dex. Same goes to their phones if youre not taking pics where theres any movement and use Dex and edge panel and their other unique features.

Apple, self explanatory

Phone, iPhone because I need to capture photos of my son and Samsung still struggles with shutter delay. So, its my iPhone and Pixel, all the way.

Tablet, iPad because the aspect ratio and software doesnt force me to feel like it really needs a keyboard or wants to be a laptop replacement and app availability is better for content creation for me.

Laptop. I have the M1 MacBook Air and Galaxy Book Pro 360. MacBook has better battery life, performance, display brightness/resolution and speakers and is absolutely quiet.

Apple because of its longevity product life cycle. Updates and software optimization.

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