Congratulations to @PlayStation for breaking even in less than

August 4, 2021, 2:55 pm
Congratulations to @PlayStation for breaking even in less than
Congratulations to for breaking even in less than 9 months since the console`s launch. A great feat, considering that Xbox have never profited of their consoles in all their history. Xbox is leaking money everywhere while PS is profiting like never before.

Maybe ur used to illerate ppl in ur vicinity but I assure u, we know how to read over here.

Yea I love how people get a report and then just make stuff up. Notice the difference between Sony and MS. Sony is saying strong profits, MS just report strong revenue. They never say anything about profit. Hmmm

Maybe Xbox one day will get mercy out of the blue like Mixer

and xb still spending $$ billions levels

Their best option is to kill the console platform and become an interactive publisher like Ubisoft or EA. Become a publisher with Game Pass being your version of UPlay with Ubisoft. The billion dollar question is if Sony and Nintendo will allow Game Pass on their platform?

cough 15 billion!

Without Daddy parent company MS. Xbox would be rip for real

Just wait for the tools

Your Sony stocks must be doing great! I`m genuinely curious what Xbox execs think to themselves and say to one another when they read these reports from Sony?

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