Dear Apple, Please use the $250 billion in cash

August 26, 2021, 10:04 am
Dear Apple, Please use the $250 billion in cash
Dear Apple, Please use the $250 billion in cash you have laying around, invest it in R&D and just catch up to Samsung. The amount of progress you have made over the last 3 years was pathetic (except for M1 ).

Apple slander will not be tolerated

Apple need to work on customer service also in countries like India..Customer service is really bad in India..No one listens or give proper revert.

What exactly? Foldables? Are just transition technology. Wait for their AR glasses coming soon.

Apple already prototyping many things. Just that they dont release it for general public till it matches their standard. That is not the case with Samsung. They release even half ready products.

People tell that apple`s implementation of features is great but they don`t see that android did so way back and has been perfecting those and boom after many years of perfection on android it comes on iOS and people praise it for being the best. Coincidence I think not.

It`s very difficult to hold the market for a brand like cuz, they only make premium products so, 10 to 20% people can afford it. So to get more money for R&D they should also make some products that majority of people can afford. Like (A,M,F line up)

True bro! In iphones they are just rolling the dice and then making the cameras. Giving the same specs and all just a little bit upgraded. Make then better than less expensive!

Its a shame that they dont seem to care to be competitive. I love iOS and Android but Apple knows that they dont have to implement all the newest features because they barely seem to view Android OEMs as competition, so they just dont.

Apple is never competing with androids they are their own league and they do their own innovations and their own plans like m1. They are always trying to provide the best in what they do and not putting their legs into everything that is new unless they can do it perfectly.

Yes lets disregard apples strategy for the last decade. Being on the bleeding edge isnt what apple sells.

I agree with you to some extent on the little progress theyve made but who says Apple needs to catch up with Samsung?

Their profits are increasing YoY. Now beat Xiaomi in terms of sales.

Plot twist. Samsung is their R&D department They should invest it in making their system more secure.

Can we also make iPads useful?

No thats the only reason Samsung is ahead

Spend most of it on reducing the notch and implementing in screen TouchID.

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