Dear twitter, I need some advice please? I`m due

June 22, 2022, 12:34 pm
Dear twitter, I need some advice please? I`m due
Dear twitter, I need some advice please? I`m due a new phone and have been android (Samsung) since the days of snake. I`m thinking of switching to iPhone. Is the camera much better on iPhone and is it a massive pain to switch over? Any advice would be appreciated.

Camera on the 12/13pro iPhone is ace for foodie pix. Regards.

I went from Samsung to iphone and tbh I went for the watch! I wouldnt go back, although I do miss my Note Ultra I do enjoy IOS. Camera is great but I feel the note is better

It`s all down to what you prefer, switching is relatively straightforward. I love my 13 Pro Max, but then we`ve all got macs and I look after them for a living, so logical. Use windows for gaming, android/firestick for streaming. Android a bit more open than iPhone but hackable.

Youre very welcome. Your friend Gaz led me to your page. I love to eat and cook! Your one of a kind sandwich combinations look fabulous!

Samsung is superior in photo quality in comparison to iPhones. I follow a lot of photographers that use both the only phone better at taking photos is a Huawei and Samsung is a very close contender!

Does that make me an influencer

Ive switched from Samsung s10 to iPhone 13 pro Camera is miles better but thats expected Just used iOS switch and majority transferred over handy enough Battery life unreal compared to s10

After a bitta youtubing I`m going with the Samsung Ultra. Tbh the thought of switching over was giving me the fear. Nice one!

Don`t do it barry it will ruin your life

Don`t. Do. It. Mate of mine changed recently from android to iPhone. He had to change back it was horrendous. Camera on new Samsung with portrait mode is just as good as new iPhone.

Galaxy s22 ultra, thank me later

You`ll need to look at all the apps you use on Android, and find comparable ones on iPhone. Easy enough for twitter, Facebook, et al, but you may have ones you can`t find replacements for. I find the Pixel phone camera to be decent

I hate the camera on my 1000 iPhone 13 pro. Im constantly robbing my husbands 3 year old Samsung.

Get someone to take a picture with newer phones iphone and android of same scene. See what you think of both. I prefer iphone now. Use both. Look at youtube videos of someone comparing both phones. Guaranteed to be there. Android battery does last longer btw.

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