Dear Zee5, SonyLiv and MX Player - some of

June 22, 2021, 11:01 am
Dear Zee5, SonyLiv and MX Player - some of
Dear Zee5, SonyLiv and MX Player - some of your originals and movies are amazing in terms of quality of content however, the user experience of the app is horrible. This is where Netflix and Prime Video is winning and will win by miles. Do not ignore technology and UI/UX.

Yup, some of these app looks like we are using cheap pirating website...if they work on UI/UX this`ll be game changing for them

Searching for content on Zee5 is nothing but pain, they have good quality shows and films. I find them good value for money. But searching is so bad. I do search mostly on Google and imdb.

Accessibility as well. arent accessible with any screen reading apps. Have tried contacting them so many time.

Even the well funded Hotstar is the same. They can`t even resume the show from where I left of. At some point difference between Tech Company and Entertainment company is quite visible here.

Thanks Manish bhai for your continued faith in us, we shall keep working hard to live upto the expectations

Also MX player has some shows with not so proper content.

Tag them, this won`t reach them like this.

people torrenting even after taking subscriptions

Ohh Yeah! I forgot Special Ops

Finally someone said it! Sony LIV is such a pain to use sometimes.

For Zee5 they don`t even care. Had sent mail (or tweet) at start of wave1. Never even got acknowledgement. Their app is the most horrible.

Can`t agree more, Written dozen of emails to Zee5 and they have improved a lot over past 3 yrs but still they have miles to go. User Experience is ignored to large extent by the above platforms. They don`t pay any heed to feedback emails/DM`s True that .. User Interface has an upper hand in a lot of things and Entertainment is one !!!

I pay credit card bills on cred only because of UI. I order from swiggy instead of Zomato because of UI

Yes gullak is like memories overflowing with the characters, dialogues, circumstances, set up and kisse, not kahaniyaan never imagined few simple situations can be plotted like this. Its of OTT.

Seems like Zee5 is spending majority of its revenue on securing digital rights and Advertisements instead of its Interface

Hotstar which has worked great on UI/UX, it not able to achieve quality original content

True, the app experiment and the uiand interface are the worst.

Sony Liv is in a different league altogether. Killing the fun of watching football, one game at a time.

Totally agree with sonyLiv

Very true! All the apps are super buggy, the Zee5 app keeps desyncing itself on Android TV and so many more problems.

Hotstar also, even after paying for vip subscription(basically for cricket) they stuff us with unbearable ads.

Big boss nhi ... there are few nice web series ASUR, gone game etc... Rai Kar case

On weekend tried to watch Gullak on : it takes 13 minutes to open the app on Tata Sky FireTV Stick on Samsung TV

Trying to be one but honestly want to learn where the customer experience is going wrong

Yes. It`s the where user us interacting and should be intuitive

Yes, it has been difficult to navigate then I stopped.

Hi Manish what are your top 3/5 irritants for these apps? What are your suggestions?

Sony Liv on Samsung TV is horrible. Agreed.

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