Deathloop on the Series X shows a performance advantage

September 21, 2022, 4:31 pm
Deathloop on the Series X shows a performance advantage
Deathloop on the Series X shows a performance advantage of up to 20%. Resulting in Xbox gamers getting the definitive console version of the game. As they should

I love the series x. I would own one if I didn`t already have a PC. I`d pick Xbox over Playstation, though I think the PS5 is also a great choice (haptic feed back and great limited exclusives!)

Xbox players, as always... It`s interesting watching the ps5 smacking the series X in one game Like wolong fallen dynasty running with higher resolution higher framerate than the series X than in another game like Deathloop the series X smacking the ps5 right back offering from 5% to 20% higher performance

Enjoy more frames, one year later

yeah but my pc still runs it leagues better lol

That extra year really helped them get it running well on Xbox.

I personally dont care. Honestly, do we all get to play the game? Yes. Thats it. Thats all that matters. Gaming for everyone.

I remember when xbox versions of games were getting less performance than PS versions for the first year the PS fanboys loved it and gloated. Now that devs have gotten used to the XSX, xbox games have been slightly better or on par with PS versions now PS fanboys dont care lol

Dont let this distract yall from the fact that BOTH consoles have the slowest base sensitivity one has ever seen in an FPS video game. That autistic man child is a great representation of xboners .

So that means that those extra tflops really aint doing a whole lot and the gaming difference is pretty much unnoticeable. Got it.

If you care about performance get a pc wtf?

Calm down son, Xbox is not going have sex with you if you keep simping for there products

An xbox-game lol, what else do u expect?

They were both having dips I`m different areas.

Having played both versions. Can confirm.

false information both struggle.

A 20% improvement is really big even by PC master race standards.

I`m gonna try it today on both my Xbox & PC

Cause when I played on PS5 I just kept telling myself, "If only this played 20% better..."

Let`s all take a moment to appreciate that one of the more demanding games and possible games of the year contender runs better on ps5. Err..... I don`t see a 20% advantage, presides the Series X costs more $ to run than the PS5 anyway

Duals sense haptics and triggers are a joke. Best implantation was returnal. Overall not a needed feature.

Wow this game still a thing.just glad we got bigger things to fry as we ain`t gonna give this game a second thought. I think it`s great everyone gets to try this game.

We already played it & moved on

At no point should 9 beat 12 and RDNA1 beat RDNA2 is the point fam. Microsoft 12tflop looking like inflated fake muscles And this is without a hardware revision?

We know resident evil games were not allowed to out perform the ps versions due to the leaked Sony contract

Ohh death loop isnt the game I thought it was Im actually going to try this one

The 6% advantage (you misunderstood the video) Is low given the TFLOP difference. Most games run with no difference. It is likely that the series X has bottlenecks that we do not see. Or Sony is hiding something and that is why they are so secretive about Ps5 hardware

XboxSeriesX absolutely wipes the floor with PlayStation5 congrats to the people that made the right decision

Bro said gimmicks, how? If you use the Dualsense, you feel the features! They are actually THERE!

1. After how long? 2. Yall aint GET IT, yall renting it.

Bethesda Performance can`t even make a 60fps stable on is own machine This games means shit... by the way, it`s what the game is...

I think is UNIs burner account. The similarities in both of their FanGirlism is pretty close.

What happened here? Baby back childish console warriors weirdos Dont care old game, were looking forward to Wo Long!! game looks amazing and the demo was perfect! Crazy how it runs better on the PS5 too anyways definitely a must get!

I am actually flabbergasted by how well the controller feels with all the subtle Rumble stuff. Accept for the haptic feedback on the triggers it actually feels 100% the same as on the PS5 dual Sense controller! They really did some magic stuff with the Xbox controllers!

A game that no one was playing LOL

I don`t care about performance, is it a good game?

Up to 20% but averaged to 6% ohh.....And why is that RT mode a parity between both?Did Sony paid an xbox studio for parity too?

the best Xbox series X

These graphics warriors are fraud gamers they got no games so all they have is graphics

It was made by an Xbox studio so they intentionally nerfed the PS5 version.

It doesnt feel better tho I tried to play it guns dont feel good

You mean 6%, like he said in thr video you uploaded. A game developed by a now owned Xbox studio having a slight advantage on Xbox you say? Well I`m absolutely flabbergasted.

Xbox studio game barely performing better on XEXthan PS5, and they couldn`t even implemented RT on XSS(so called nextgen?) But didn`t u guys blamed san Diego studio when MLB performed better on PS5 "But...but the dualsense"-insecure PS fans be like

And definitely no Quick Resume for this game on PS5 All this effort on a game nobody cares about until it was free on game pass

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X version have frame-rate drops and neither version maintains a steady 4K@60fps or 1080p@120fps as they both should be able to do. Whatever advantages either version has should get fixed by Bethesda with future patches of the game

Fsr on xbox, not on PS5 for the moment, some sequences PS5 got better perf, without fsr patch, soon. The games I knew it would be but Im glad I waited for series x version to play it. So freaking good. This deserves wayyy more hype than its getting

12 Teraflops baby!!! Its a more powerful console why would anyone be surprised.

Lol, yup same.

20% is significant.

As usual Sony guys pay more for less but they seem fine with that

No because they are no HAPTIC and adaptive trigger so no the best version is that of the ps5

this is what happens when Sony can`t pay for downgraded versions on other platforms. Its average, your welcome

And what about the rest of multiplatform game out there?

Haptics are far from a gimmick my boy

I have both, I understand the performance, but I rather have the haptics so I can feel even more immersed, also I can just turn on VRR on the ps5

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